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As the name would suggest, this is a full support focused build to help your crew in just about every way possible. This includes reviving, healing, deployables, safe cracking, and bringing a portable saw. While your team is out killing enemies, you’ll be inside the safe, opening each deposit box, keeping every drill running, and occasionally running out to heal your team. Don’t mistake a support build for not having any offensive abilities. Being able to convert enemies, and permanently apply headshot damage to body shots, this build is very capable of holding its own when needed.




Combat Medic (Ace) is a base damage reduction while reviving teammates. Quick Fix (Ace) decreases deployment time of your doctor bags and applies a 2min damage reduction to anyone who uses your doctor bags. Combat Doctor (Ace) let’s you carry 2 doctor bags, and increases the amount of uses each one has. Inspire allows you to revive allies 2x faster


A huge survivability boost, this skill tree is indispensable. Forced Friendship (Ace) increases cable tie count, and tying speed on hostages. While having hostages (up to 8) absorb up to 4 damage per hit. It will be your responsibility to watch over the hostages while your team keeps the enemies at bay. Joker (Ace) is where your survivability starts. Able to convert non-special enemies to fight for you. Converted allies do more damage and reduce the overall time to convert enemies. Partners in Crime (Ace), while having a converted enemy, it increases your movement speed, increases your health, and your converted enemy takes 99% less damage.


Stable Shot is a base increase to weapon stability.



Since we won’t be in the thick of any battles, Resilience does not offer the best perk, but we need it to progress. It will increase the armor recovery rate of your armor. Die Hard reduces the amount of damage you receive by half while interacting with any objects. Useful when you go to restart your drills. Transporter helps securing loot faster by throwing it at a further distance. Shock and Awe is another perk to help support your crew but increasing the armor recovery rate for them.

Ammo Specialist
Scavenger increases your ammo pickup range by 50%. Portable Saw (Ace) allows the use of the OVE9000 secondary weapon, which is best used to open ATM’s, safety deposit boxes, etc. You can also carry 1 extra blade, and your efficiency is increased.



Third Law and Sentry Targeting Package quite helpful if you decide to use the sentry turret as one of your deployables, which is recommended. Your sentry turret acts as ai that can defend a specific location, or help your team. Jack of All Trades (Ace) allows the deployment of 2 deployables and increased interaction speed by 100%. With the ace, you can carry 2 different deployables in your inventory which is really helpful for a support build.


Some nice improvements to your drill. Hardware Expert increases the speed of your drill, but more importantly, it makes it silent. Drill Sawgeant (Ace), further decreases the saw time. Kickstarter increases the chance of auto-restarting.


Steady Grip (Ace) is a base increase to your weapon accuracy and stability. Lock n’ Load provides the ability to fire your weapons while sprinting. Very helpful when moving around the field quickly. Surefire (Ace) is another skill that relies on a SMG/LMG or AR, it provides more bullets to the magazine. As an added benefit, range weapons can now pierce through enemy body armor. Lastly, Body Expertise (Ace) is were a huge amount of our offensive ability comes from. 90% of the bonus headshot damage is permanently applied to hitting enemies in the body. (Restricted to SMG/LMG/AR or Special Weapons in automatic fire mode.


Chamaleon is a base increase before detection time. Cleaner increases the amount of body bags you can carry. Nimble (Ace) provides the ability to disable 1 camera for 25 seconds, lockpick twice as fast, and can now lockpick safes. This tree is mainly taken in order to lockpick all safes (instead of being forced to use a drill)




2-Piece Suit
High concealment stat, added bonus to movement speed. This is great to move around the battlefield very quickly. Since our focus is to secure loot and support the team, we don’t need a lot of armor.


Sentry Gun & Doctor Bag
Sentry guns is great to help secure your position, or to help your crew keep enemies at bay. Doctor bags are a great supporting tool to increase health, reduce damage, and increase reviving limit.


Concussion Grenade
A great tool to control a large amount of enemies and keep them in place. Can also be used to run into the thick of things and revive an ally, and run back out.

Perk Deck : Crew Chief

Crew Chief
The best support perk deck available. Increase damage reduction for you and your crew. Increase your crews stamina. Increase your crews health. Increase your crews armor. Gain increase health and stamina for each hostage (stacking 4 times)



Car-4 Rifle

Any assault rifle will do here. I like the Car-4 as a really good all around assault rifle. There are some other rifles you could use that do more damage, or have better stability, but I find this one to be one of the most customizable, and overall best. At the end of the day, so long as you use an assault rifle, or a SMG, it won’t really matter. To ensure we retain any benefit from our skills, make sure to use one of those 2 weapon types.


Barrel : Stealth Barrel : Built in suppressor. Decrease in damage and accuracy, but increase in stability and concealment.

Boost : Accuracy : Increase to accuracy of the weapon

Custom : Full Auto : Small increase in damage, and overall ability to deal with enemies much faster.

Foregrip : Competition Foregrip : Increase in damage and accuracy, but a significant decrease in stability.

Gadget : Compact Laser Module : Basic laser pointer, at no stat cost.

Grip: Titanium Skeleton Grip : Increase in accuracy and concealment at the cost of stability.

Magazine : Tactical Mag : Small increase to the mag size at no stat cost.

Sight : Speculator Sight : Adds a nice sight, increase in stability, and a small concealment cost.

Upper Receiver : Exotique Receiver : Increase in damage, and stability.


A very obvious choice for a secondary weapon since our skills allow us the ability to use the saw. This will make breaking into ATM’s, security deposit boxes, or opening doors a lot faster for your team. The faster you secure loot, the less time your team needs to hold off enemies. This should be the only selection you have for your secondary.


Boost : Concealment : Optional choice, you could also go with Total Ammo, for a little extra ammo. Your choice.

Lower Receiver : Silent Motor : Another optional choice, I prefer the silent motor as it allows you to remain silent in stealth missions.

Magazine : Durable Blade : Increase in ammo, since we’re not using this for killing enemies, it is the best choice.