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A walking tank with the highest based armor and survivability for just about any situation or mission you may do. You won’t be getting anywhere very quickly with a very low mobility stat, ideally you’ll be holding down a position and laying waste to anything that gets close. This build has the highest detection risk possible, so do not bring this into any stealth based missions. Ideally, this build is the backbone of the crew, providing firing support, reviving allies, and taking most of the heat so your crew can get the objective. Only use this build if the intent is to go loud immediately. This build is also reliant on the Stoic Hip Flask, ensure you understand how it works before loading in.




Combat Medic is a base damage reduction while reviving teammates. Quick Fix (Ace) decreases deployment time of your first aid kits and applies a 2m damage reduction to anyone who uses your first aid kits. Uppers (Ace) adds a total of 10 extra first aid kits to your inventory. Your first aid kits are automatically used when down and within a 5m range of them. Inspire (Ace) allows you to revive allies 2x faster but the really useful ability to that you can revive allies from a distance (9m) once every 20sec.

A huge survivability boost, this skill tree is indispensable. Forced Friendship increases cable tie count, and tying speed on hostages. Joker (Ace) is where your survivability starts. Able to convert non-special enemies to fight for you. Converted allies do more damage and reduce the overall time to convert enemies. Partners in Crime (Ace), while having a converted enemy, it increases your movement speed, increases your health, and your converted enemy takes 99% less damage. Hostage Taker (Ace) is another huge increase to you, while having a hostage, or converted enemy, regen health every 5 seconds passively. This skill tree is amazing for group or solo games alike.


Stable Shot is a base increase to weapon stability.


Probably the most important skill tree in this build, every skill benefits the build. Resilience increases your armor recovery rate to help get back into any engagement faster. Die Hard reduces damage you take while interacting with objects. Very helpful to finish the last bit on a lockpicking or drill reboot without worrying about taking a little extra damage. Transporter helps with securing loot by throwing them further. Shock and Awe (Ace) further increases your armor recovery rate for yourself and your team. Adds a chance to knock back shields based on total damage of the weapon. Bullseye (Ace) helps with your survivability further by regening armor for every headshot. There is a 2sec cooldown between armor regen activation. Iron Man (Ace) increases your total armor value of any armor piece you wear by 30%. You also unlock the ability to wear the highest grade and protection armor available in the game. This is really crucial to the functionality of the build and survivability.



Steady Grip (Ace) is a base increase to your weapon accuracy and stability. Lock n’ Load (Ace) provides the ability to fire your weapons while sprinting. Very helpful when moving around the field quickly. Killing 2 enemies with an SMG/LMG/AR or Special Weapon on automatic fire mode increases your next reload speed. Surefire (Ace) is another skill that relies on a SMG/LMG or AR, it provides more bullets to the magazine. As an added benefit, range weapons can now pierce through enemy body armor. Lastly, Body Expertise (Ace) is were a huge amount of our offensive ability comes from. 90% of the bonus headshot damage is permanently applied to hitting enemies in the body. (Restricted to SMG/LMG/AR or Special Weapons in automatic fire mode.




Improved Combined Tactical Vest
Pretty much no concealment, but offers the highest armor rating in the game. Your movement speed is severely reduced as well. This is a requirement to the build.


First Aid Kit
These get a use increase in usability thanks to the Medic skill tree. These are very useful to recover yourself in the middle of a fight, and we can carry a lot of them!


Stoic Hip Flask
Reduce damage by 75%, taking the remaining 25% directly. The 75% damage is applied over 12 seconds instead. Using the Hip Flask will immediately negate any pending damage. The flask has a 10sec cooldown with every use. With the complete perk deck, after not taking any damage for 4 seconds, any remaining damage over time is negated. When using the flask to remove damage, you will instead heal for 50% of the damage instead.

Perk Deck : Stoic

Provides the use of the Stoic Hip Flask. Also converts all your armor to health, which is why having the highest armor rating is needed. When your health is below 35%, the cooldown of your flask is reduced for each kill.



KSP Light Machine Gun

This weapon is interchangeable with any other LMG. The KSP is one of the best overall LMG in regard to stats. Since we’ll be slow, rely on our hip flask to live, a LMG is the best choice for this build. It also benefits from the Opressor skill tree to increase overall damage.



Barrel : Long Barrel : Minor reduce in damage, but a nice increase to accuracy and stability.

Barrel Ext : Bigger the better Suppressor : Big increase to accuracy and a nice increase to stability. Slight decrease in damage, but reduces threat completely.

Bipod: Lion Bipod : Deployable bipod to help with weapon stability.

Boost : Accuracy : Base increase to weapon accuracy.

Foregrip : Railed Foregrip : Increase in damage to compensate for the loss earlier. Decrease in stability.

Gadget : Tactical Laser Module : Minor decrease in concealment to have a nice laser sight. We don’t care for the lose of concealment in this build.

Stock : War-Torn Stock : Increase in accuracy at the cost of stability and concealment.

The Judge

This weapon is considered one of the best secondary weapons available. It is a handheld shotgun that can output amazing damage. The attachments chosen are focused on increasing the weapons damage to help you quickly take down enemies that get to close, or if they catch you during your LMG reload.


Ammunition : 000 Buckshot : Base increase to weapon damage.

Barrel Ext : King’s Crown Compensator: Increase damage and accuracy. Minor lose to concealment but not important to this build.

Boost : Stability : Base increase to our lowest stat.

Gadget : Tactical Laser Module : Minor decrease to concealment, but adds a nice laser pointer.

Lower Receiver : Custom Reinforced Frame : This adds no stats but changes to look the gun. Optional, but makes it looks nice.