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A build that is best used for any mission that requires 100% stealth. This build excels are remaining silent, helping your team get the objective, and subduing any guards/cameras that may ruin your stealth mission. You may encounter some difficulties should the mission go loud, as the build really focuses on staying stealth, we can’t bring any big weapons to help. We do our best to select weapons that can still perform while maintaining some our concealment, but it won’t compare to other builds that are made for loud engagements. The obvious focus of the build is to not get seen. The selected perks should help with that, with some added functionality and offensive perks sprinkled in.




Forced Friendship helps keep civilians under control should any spot you. It Increases cable tie supply by 4 and tie hostages 75% faster. Confident is not all that helpful to the build, simply taken so we can reach Stockholm Syndrome. This perk keeps civilians intimidated longer before they try to flee or call the cops. Helpful to keep any situation under control.


Stable Shot is a base increase to weapon stability.



Resilience this perk can be skipped if wanted. It helps armor recovery rate, but if the intent is to be 100% stealth, it does not do much. It does allow the Transporter perk, which helps with transporting loot faster.



Third Law and ECO Sentry are not helpful to this build, but are worth the point investment in order to get Jack of All Trades (Ace). This allows the deployment of deployables and increased interaction speed by 100%. With the ace, you can carry 2 different deployables in your inventory which is really helpful for a stealth build.


Some nice improvements to your drill. Hardware Expert (Ace) increases the speed of your drill, but more importantly, it makes it silent, which is a necessity for any stealth build/mission. Ace perk gives it a small chance to restart automatically. Drill Sawgeant (Ace), further decreases the saw time. Kickstarter (Ace) increases the chance of auto-restarting, and now alloys the chance to restart when punching the drill. The Ace perk can be skipped if wanted.


Steady Grip (Ace) is a base increase to weapon accuracy and stability.



A big source of skills, we’ll use them all and Ace them all. Chamaleon (Ace) base increase before detection time. Items and cash you pick up are worth more. Cleaner (Ace) increases the amount of body bags, and body bag cases you can carry. Sixth Sense (Ace) will auto mark enemies within 10m of you after standing still. Reduce cleaning cost after killing civilians and allows insider assets to be used. Nimble (Ace) provides the ability to disable 1 camera for 25 seconds, lockpick twice as fast, and can now lockpick safes. ECM Overdrive (Ace) increases ECM jammer feedback duration and can now be used to open electrical doors. ECM Specialist (Ace) gives an extra ECM jammer, and increases their duration further.

Artful Dodger
Duck and Cover increases sprint speed and stamina regen time. While not the most helpful skill, it allows the next skill, Inner Pockets (Ace) to be unlocked. This skill provides further concealment for melee weapons and ballistic vests to help you stay hidden. Parkour is a nice to have skill to increase movement speed and ladder climbing speeds.

Silent Killer
Second Wind increases your movement speed when your armor breaks. Not useful for a stealth build as ideally your armor will never break. Should things go loud, it is nice to be able move around the field much faster. Optical Illusions is another perk that helps when things so south and it adds a chance of not being targeted by enemies.



Equilibrium (Ace) is one of the few damage perks we use in this build. Mainly supporting our pistol for silent take downs. It decreases draw time and increases stability. One Handed Talent (Ace) increases base damage of all pistols.


Nine Lives (Ace) is a support skill to increase bleedout time and increase the amount of times you can be downed. This is helpful incase the stealth mission goes wrong as we don’t have much armor. It will help our team to get to us.




2-Piece Suit
High concealment stat, really helps with our skill selection. Added bonus to movement speed when the armor does break, and we have many ways to recover it quickly. A requirement for any stealth build.


Body Bag Case & ECM Jammer
Body bags are really helpful to deal with guards/accidental civilian kills. It helps keep the team from being detected. ECM Jammers are great to jam coms, cameras, open electronic doors. They are a great addition to a stealth focused build.


Throwing Knife
A silent precise throwable to takedown enemies efficiently and quietly.

Perk Deck : Burglar

Increase dodge chance. Decrease the chance of being targeted while standing still and crouching. Bag bodies faster. Pick locks faster. Answer pagers faster. Increase in movement speed while crouching.



Valkyria Rifle


This weapon is interchangeable. Main things to keep in mind are a high concealment stat, we want the absolute lowest concealment possible. This weapon in particular can hold its own should the mission go loud, and has an incredibly high concealment stat. Always ensure to have suppressors equipped in this build, the main focus is stealth, the rest is secondary.


Barrel : Prototype Barrel : Reduces overall accuracy, but increases our concealment, which we need.

Boost : Concealment : Increase to overall concealment which is required for this build.

Custom : Full Auto : Small increase in damage, and overall ability to deal with enemies much faster.

Gadget : Compact Laser Module : Nice laser pointer that does not cost any stat decrease. Look good, shoot better.

Sight : Speculator Sight : Adds a nice sight to the weapon, it does increase our stability, but costs a very small amount of concealment which we can afford.

Gruber Kruz

This is one of the best pistols to use for any stealth build for its very high concealment stat. This should be the “main” weapon you use during your missions as our skills directly increase the stats and damage of any pistol being used. The primary weapon, should only be used ideally when detected and needing to hold off enemies. Since the pistol already has a base concealment stat of 30, we can use a team boost to mildly increase XP and mission rewards.



Barrel Ext : Size Doesn’t Matter Suppressor : Reduce damage, but also completely remove all threat from the weapon.

Boost : Team: Increase to mission rewards and XP.

Gadget : Micro Laser : Nice laser pointer that does not cost any stat decrease.

Grip: Laser Grip : Base increase to accuracy to help for some longer ranged shots

Sight: SKOLD Reflex Micro Sight : Slight decrease in stability, but adds a sight to help with aiming.