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This is a ranger support sniper build. This build excels at offering covering fire support for the team from a distance. Your main goal is to dispatch enemies as quickly as possible, with a primary focus on special enemy types. You can support your team in completing the objective, but most of the time, keeping both special and basic enemies off your team. While at range, your damage output can’t be matched, although it may take some getting used to when enemies get close. Ideally, enemies should never go close enough to you to pose a threat. There are many options for secondary weapon choices, up to your personal playstyle preference. If you like to sit in the back, protect your team, and mark high value targets, this may be the build for you.



Combat Medic
 is a base damage reduction while reviving teammates and is really only helpful to getting further skills. Quick Fix decreases the deployment time for first aid kits which can come in handy. Uppers (Ace), the main reason for this skill tree, adds a total of 10 extra first aid kits to your inventory. Further, they are auto used on downed allies within 5m.

A huge survivability boost, this skill tree is indispensable. Forced Friendship increases cable tie count, and tying speed on hostages. Joker is where your survivability starts. Able to convert non-special enemies to fight for you. Confident (Ace) Increases the power and range of your intimidation, and can you now convert 2 enemies at the same time. This is particularly helpful since we rely on our range to deal with enemies. Partners in Crime (Ace), while having a converted enemy, it increases your movement speed, increases your health, and your converted enemy takes 99% less damage. Hostage Taker (Ace) is another huge increase to you, while having a hostage, or converted enemy, regen health every 5 seconds passively. This skill tree is amazing for group or solo games alike.


Stable Shot is a base increase to weapon stability. Rifleman increases the snap zoom speed by 2x. Marksman (Ace) increases accuracy for all SMG/AR and Sniper rifles. You will also gain a 20% accuracy bonus while aiming. Aggressive Reload (Ace) Increase your reload speed with SMG/AR and Sniper Rifle. Any kills with headshots increases your reload speed by 2x. Graze (Ace) hitting your target will deal 20% of the damage dealt in a 1m radius around it’s trajectory. It the bullet would headshot kill, increase the damage deal to 100% around the bullet trajectory.



Resilience increases your armor recovery rate to get back into the fight faster. Die Hard reduces the damage you take while interacting with any objects. Bullseye regenerates armor with every headshot. There is a 2sec cooldown between activations.

Ammo Specialist
Scavenger increases the ammo pickup range by 50%.



This skill can be skipped if preferred. Hardware Expert let’s you fix drills faster, and they are now silent.


Steady Grip (Ace) is a base increase to weapon accuracy and stability.


Silent Killer
Second Wind increases your movement speed when your armor breaks. Another great perk for a build designed to move around the entire battlefield. Optical Illusions (Ace) is another perk that helps when things so south and it adds a chance of not being targeted by enemies. You also gain 1 concealment for every suppressor used and reduce the penalty of using silencers. The Professional (Ace) increases your weapon stability and accuracy with silenced weapons. Low Blow (Ace) increases your critical hit chance for every 1 point of detection rate below 35 (up to 30%). High Value Target (Ace) increases the damage you do against marked targets. Increase the duration of marked enemies by 2x and they take further damage while further then 10m.



Nine Lives (Ace) is a support skill to increase bleedout time and increase the amount of times you can be downed. This is helpful incase you are downed further away from your team to allow more time for them to reach you.

Martial Arts reduces melee damage by 50%. Particularly helpful incase enemies do get close to you, it increases your survivability considerably.




2-Piece Suit
High concealment stat, really helps with our skill selection. This armor is particularly helpful as we don’t intend to get close to enemies, and make relocating much faster.


First Aid Kit
These get a huge increase in usability thanks to the Medic skill tree. These are very useful in the middle of a fight and we carry a lot of them!


Concussion Grenade
This is great to stun a large amount of enemies at once. Helpful to get headshots a little more consistently, or to relocate without worrying about getting downed.

Perk Deck : Rogue

Huge increase do your dodge chance. Reduce the likelihood of being targeted while near your crew. Increase your weapon swap speed a considerable amount, and you now have a permanent chance to pierce enemy armor.



Lebensauger .308

One of the better snipers in regards to stats and overall ammo capacity. This weapon work wonders in this sniper build. Any sniper will work at the end of the day, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Keep in mind your ammo and damage, you need both to be effect from a long range, and to stay at range for a longer period of time.



Barrel : Gedampfter Barrel : Reduce damage and accuracy, but receive a really nice increase to stability. Also provides a build in suppressor.

Boost : Concealment : Increase to overall concealment which is required for this build to reach the ideal detection risk rating.

Gadget : Compact Laser Module : Nice laser pointer that does not cost any stat decrease. Look good, shoot better.

Grip: Walnuss Grip : Decent increase to stability.

Sight : Acough Optic Scope : Increase in stability, and offers a strong x3.25 zoom. Really useful for mid-mid far distances.

Secondary Sight: Riktpunkt 45 Degree Sight : Increase in stability, but offers another sight with no zoom level. This is helpful for when enemies get too close

Micro Uzi

This is the best SMG to include with this build in order to maintain the low detection risk we need to fully benefit from our skills. While you could bring any pistol and gain the same detection risk, bringing and SMG will profit from our skill selection. Always ensure you have a suppressor equipped, no matter the weapon.
This weapon is highly recommended to round out the build.


Barrel : Custom Barrel : Reduce Concealment, but gain much needed Accuracy.

Barrel Ext : Bigger the better Suppressor : Reduce Concealment, but gain much needed Accuracy and some stability.

Boost : Concealment : Increase Concealment to make up for some lost stats in the barrel choice.

Custom : Full Auto : Small increase in damage, and overall ability o deal with enemies much faster.

Gadget : Micro Laser : Nice laser pointer that does not cost any stat decrease.

Stock : No Stock : Another increase in concealment, a decent reduction in Stability, but it does not matter since we still have max Stability after skill choices.

Alternate - Contractor Pistol

Any pistol will do should you prefer to use a pistol, but this is my favorite. It has a high stopping power, and just generally feels great to use. It won’t take full advantage of the skills we have, but it is still very useful to have for shorter range engagements. Using this pistol does not compromise your detection risk as well, ensure you maintain a 25max detection risk.


Barrel Ext : Monolith Suppressor : Reduce concealment, and minor damage decrease. Increase stability.

Boost : Concealment : Increase Concealment to help with your detection risk.

Gadget : Micro Laser : Nice laser pointer that does not cost any stat decrease.

Sight: Tritium Sights : Base increase to accuracy, while any sight will be beneficial, I like the basic iron sight increase.