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A general purpose build that can be used in a wide variety of missions. It does retain a low detection risk that can perform in stealth mission, but can definitely hold it own when things go loud. Highly versatile for those who don’t want to change build for every mission.
This build relies on using a AR and an SMG. While it can still perform should alternate weapons be chosen, it will most likely not benefit fully from select skills. The low detection risk is required to fully benefit from the Low Blow skill to increase our critical hit chance.
AR’s and SMG’s are recommended thanks to the Oppressor skill tree, under Technician. There are many benefits given to both weapon types that would be lost should other weapons be used. Other skills like the Controller skill tree, help with survivability, and make it much hard to down you. Some straggler perks chosen here and there definitely help the build as a whole, but can be moved around should they not benefit your play style.



Combat Medic is a base damage reduction while reviving teammates and is really only helpful to getting further skills. Quick Fix decreases the deployment time for first aid kits which can come in handy. Uppers (Ace), the main reason for this skill tree, adds a total of 10 extra first aid kits to your inventory. Further, they are auto used on downed allies within 5m.


A huge survivability boost, this skill tree is indispensable. Forced Friendship increases cable tie count, and tying speed on hostages. Joker (Ace) is where your survivability starts. Able to convert non-special enemies to fight for you. Converted allies do more damage and reduce the overall time to convert enemies. Partners in Crime (Ace), while having a converted enemy, it increases your movement speed, increases your health, and your converted enemy takes 99% less damage. Hostage Taker (Ace) is another huge increase to you, while having a hostage, or converted enemy, regen health every 5 seconds passively. This skill tree is amazing for group or solo games alike.


Stable Shot is a base increase to weapon stability.


Underdog provides a passive bonus to your damage resistance while 3 or more enemies are within 10m of you.

Resilience increases your armor recovery rate to help get back into any engagement faster. Die Hard reduces damage you take while interacting with objects. Very helpful to finish the last bit on a lockpicking or drill reboot without worrying about taking a little extra damage. Shock and Awe (Ace) further increases your armor recovery rate for yourself and your team. Adds a chance to knock back shields based on total damage of the weapon. Bullseye helps with your survivability by regening armor for every headshot. There is a 2sec cooldown between the armor regen.

Ammo Specialist
Scavenger (Ace) increases your ammo pickup range and for every 6th enemy you kill, they will drop extra ammo.


Steady Grip (Ace) is a base increase to your weapon accuracy and stability. Lock n’ Load (Ace) provides the ability to fire your weapons while sprinting. Very helpful when moving around the field quickly. Killing 2 enemies with an SMG/LMG/AR or Special Weapon on automatic fire mode increases your next reload speed. Surefire (Ace) is another skill that relies on a SMG/LMG or AR, it provides more bullets to the magazine. As an added benefit, range weapons can now pierce through enemy body armor. Lastly, Body Expertise is were a huge amount of our offensive ability comes from. 30% of the bonus headshot damage is permanently applied to hitting enemies in the body. (Restricted to SMG/LMG/AR or Special Weapons in automatic fire mode.


Artful Dodger
Duck and Cover (Ace)
increases stamina regen time and rate. Also increases sprinting speed. Also adds a small chance to dodge while sprinting and using ziplines. Parkour (Ace) further increases movement speed while sprinting and climbing ladders. As an added bonus, you can now spring in any direction, this paired with the ability to fire your weapon while sprinting is a powerful combo.

Silent Killer
Second Wind increases your movement speed when your armor breaks, a great mobility skill. Optical Illusions decreases the likelihood that you’ll be targeted by enemies. The Professional increases stability and snap zoom speed with all silenced weapons. Low Blow (Aced) increases your critical hit change by 3% for every 1 point of detection under 35 (max of 30%, or 25 detection risk). High Value Target (Ace) makes marked enemies take more damage, and increases the marked time by 2x. Further, they take additional damage when further then 10m




2-Piece Suit
High concealment stat, really helps with our skill selection. Added bonus to movement speed when the armor does break, and we have many ways to recover it quickly. Mainly taken to benefit from the Low Blow skill damage increase.


First Aid Kit
These get a use increase in usability thanks to the Medic skill tree. These are very useful to recover yourself in the middle of a fight, and we can carry a lot of them!


Pocket ECM
If used before the alarm is raised, it will jam electronic for 6sec. If used after, it will stun enemies for 6sec. Killing enemies while the jamming effect is applied regens health, and crew members will also regen health.

Perk Deck : Hacker

Adds the Pocket ECM to your throwables. Increase max health. Killing an enemy while the ECM is active regenerates 20 health, increase dodge chance. Any kills your crew members make during the ECM deployment will also regenerate 10 health.



Lion's Roar

This weapon is interchangeable. Main things to keep in mind are a high concealment stat (Stay at or below 25 detection risk). This is because one of our main damage skills relies on having a low detection risk to increase our critical hit change. Always ensure to have suppressors equipped in this build, otherwise some of the selected skills won’t work.


Barrel : CQB Barrel : Reduces overall accuracy, but increases our concealment, which we need.


Barrel Ext : Bigger the better Suppressor : Increases Accuracy and Stability, at the cost of concealment. This is acceptable as the stat increase outweigh the requirement for concealment with this suppressor.

Boost : Accuracy : Increase to overall Accuracy, with this build, our stability is already maxed.


Custom : Full Auto : Small increase in damage, and overall ability to deal with enemies much faster.


Gadget : Compact Laser Module : Nice laser pointer that does not cost any stat decrease. Look good, shoot better.


Sight : Compact Profile Sight : Adds a nice sight to the weapon, it does decrease our stability, but with this build, we can retain max stability even with the reduction of this sight.

Micro Uzi

This is the best SMG to include with this build in order to maintain the low detection risk we need to fully benefit from our skills. While you could bring any pistol and gain the same detection risk, bringing and SMG will profit from our skill selection. Always ensure you have a suppressor equipped, no matter the weapon.
This weapon is highly recommended to round out the build.


Barrel : Custom Barrel : Reduce Concealment, but gain much needed Accuracy.

Barrel Ext : Bigger the better Suppressor : Reduce Concealment, but gain much needed Accuracy and some stability.

Boost : Concealment : Increase Concealment to make up for some lost stats in the barrel choice.

Custom : Full Auto : Small increase in damage, and overall ability o deal with enemies much faster.

Gadget : Micro Laser : Nice laser pointer that does not cost any stat decrease.

Stock : No Stock : Another increase in concealment, a decent reduction in Stability, but it does not matter since we still have max Stability after skill choices.