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A great build for both solo and group games, this build will make any difficulty an easy clear. Relying on shotguns and dragon’s breath rounds to do the bulk of our damage, we can ignite enemies easily to deal with large groups. Since we’re using shotguns, the applicable range of our dragon’s breath is drastically increased. This makes clearing dense groups easy. For single targets, you can either ignite them from a distance, or wait to get close to apply the entire shotgun pellet damage to the enemy. Low armor rating is very helpful due to our skill choices, and we can make up for the low armor rating thanks to our perk deck and skill selections. This build excels for those who move around the battlefield a lot to apply burning damage to every enemy they see.



Combat Medic
 is a base damage reduction while reviving teammates and is really only helpful to getting further skills. Quick Fix decreases the deployment time for first aid kits which can come in handy. Uppers (Ace), the main reason for this skill tree, adds a total of 10 extra first aid kits to your inventory. Further, they are auto used on downed allies within 5m.


Stable Shot is a base increase to weapon stability.


Underdog (Ace)
offers a base damage increase when 3 or more enemies are within 10m of you. Also adds a damage reduction for 7sec. Shotgun CQB (Ace) increases reload speed of all shotguns and increases zoom speed with steel sights. Shotgun Impact (Ace) increases weapon damage for all shotguns and some stability increase. Far Away (Ace) receives a accuracy increase while aiming with shotguns, and increases the effect range of shotguns. This amplifies the dragon breath rounds used in the build. Close By (Ace) enables the ability to hip fire shotguns while sprinting. Single fire shotguns have an increase rate of fire and increased magazine size. Overkill (Ace) the main piece of this build, after killing an enemy with a shotgun, receive a big increase in damage for 20sec. This also increases your weapon swap speed.

Resilience (Ace) increases your armor recovery rate to help get back into any engagement faster. It also reduces the effect of flashbangs against you. Bullseye (Ace) helps with your survivability by regening armor for every headshot. There is a 2sec cooldown between the armor regen.



Steady Grip (Ace) is a base increase to weapon accuracy and stability.



Artful Dodger
Duck and Cover (Ace) increases sprint speed and stamina regen time. Increase dodge chance while sprinting and ziplining. This is great for this build as we are constantly moving around. Inner Pockets (Ace)This skill provides further concealment for melee weapons and ballistic vests to help you stay hidden. Parkour (Ace) is a nice to have skill to increase movement speed and ladder climbing speeds. You also gain the ability to sprint in any direction. Sneaky Bastard increases your dodge chance with every 3 points of detection rate under 35 (up to 10%)

Silent Killer
Second Wind increases your movement speed when your armor breaks. Another great perk for a build designed to move around the entire battlefield. Optical Illusions (Ace) is another perk that helps when things so south and it adds a chance of not being targeted by enemies. You also gain 1 concealment for every suppressor used and reduce the penalty of using silencers. Low Blow (Ace) increases your critical hit chance for every 1 point of detection rate below 35 (up to 30%). High Value Target increases the damage you do against marked targets.


Nine Lives (Ace)
increases your bleedout time and gain 1 extra revive before being taken to custody.


Martial Arts reduce all melee damage by half. This is particularly helpful while we run around the map constantly.




2-Piece Suit
High concealment stat, really helps with our skill selection. Added bonus to movement speed when the armor does break, and we have many ways to recover it quickly. A requirement for any build that requires mobility.


First Aid Kit
These get a use increase in usability thanks to the Medic skill tree. These are very useful to recover yourself in the middle of a fight, and we can carry a lot of them!


Concussion or Cocktail Molotov
Choice is up to you, Molotov is helpful to keep spreading fire damage to everyone. Concussion is great to stun a large amount of enemies to move around easier.

Perk Deck : Anarchist

Regen armor throughout combat instead of only outside combat. Convert 50% health to 120% armor. Dealing damage grants armor every 1.5sec. 



Brothers Grim 12G Shotguns

One of the better single fire shotguns there is. You could use Izhma 12G if you don’t want to use Akimbo shotguns. Ensure you’re using dragon breath rounds to apply fire damage to large group of enemies. The lower your accuracy, the better you can apply fire damage to a larger group of enemies. As bigger enemies get closer, you’ll do more direct damage from the shotgun anyways. You may have issues dealing with snipers, since we’re using 2 shotguns, either avoid them as you move around, or let your teammates deal with them.



Ammunition : Dragon’s Breath Rounds : Obvious ammunition choice to apply fire damage to enemies.

Barrel Ext: King’s Crown Compensator : Increase accuracy and damage. It does reduce our concealment minorly.

Boost : Accuracy : Our accuracy stat is already so low, we want to bring it up slightly to help with overall effectiveness of the weapon

Custom : Single Fire : Needed to apply some of our skills damage perks, and more control on shotguns.

Gadget : Compact Laser Module : No stat reduction, adds a nice laser pointer to the gun.

Magazine: Big Brother Magazine : Reduce concealment, but adds 8 rounds to the magazine which is really helpful.

The Judge


This weapon is considered one of the best secondary weapons available. It is a handheld shotgun that can output amazing damage. The attachments chosen are focused on increasing the weapons damage to help you quickly take down enemies that get to close. Obviously dragon’s breath ammunition is required to build into the fire damage output of this build.


Ammunition : Dragon’s Breath Rounds : Base increase to weapon damage. Applies fire damage to enemies.

Barrel Ext : King’s Crown Compensator: Increase damage and accuracy. Minor lose to concealment but not important to this build.

Boost : Accuracy: Base increase to accuracy to help deal more damage to bigger enemies a little further.

Gadget : Tactical Laser Module : Minor decrease to concealment, but adds a nice laser pointer.

Lower Receiver : Custom Reinforced Frame : This adds no stats but changes to look the gun. Optional, but makes it looks nice.