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Nature + Earth

This is a pet build using pets as it’s main source of damage and physical as it’s secondary source of damage. Using the recommended armor pieces, the build has a lot of extra skills that allows having many skills and not all of them need to be allocated max points in order to have the maximum effectiveness.

While leveling, Call of the Wild, Heart of Oak, Plague and Earth Enchantment, Core Dweller. The skills shown below account for increased skill points from the selected armor. If you need extra skill points, remove points from Briar Ward, Heat Shield, Eruption.
Use the best items you can find in your playthrough that compliment the skills being used. You most likely won’t find all the items listed in this guide, and that’s ok, it will perform regardless. The items are just a nice bonus.

This will be your starting class, it will be very important to get Call of the Wild as high as you can afford as early as you can. These will be your first pets of the build and your main damage source early on. Heart of Oak is great for more survivability, once you’re satisfied with your damage output, move on to the second and third tier of mastery bar. Plague is a great passive damage source that can spread to enemies, it’s really helpful to weaken enemies so your pets can finish them off. If you have the extra points, or would prefer to have an extra pet, grab Sylvan Nymph so you level, but do not make it a priority.

This will be your secondary class, this class offers a strong pet for the build, the Core Dweller, which is able to grab the attention of enemies and take a hit. Earth Enchantment will increase your damage, and your pets damage. Do not prioritize your this mastery over the Nature mastery. Once your Call of the Wild skill is high enough, bring this mastery to the third tier to unlock Core Dweller. Once you have all your pets, split the points evenly between the mastery classes.


Attribute points cannot be reset in Titan Quest. Keep your attribute points until you have equipment you cannot equip and allocate them as needed. Always retain your points until you need to spend them and ensure you have the stats to equip your endgame gear.

Required stats to wear the below gear;
STR – 584
DEX – 425
INT – 0


Given the difficulty at acquiring specific armor in the game without any third-party software, take the following items as recommendations. At the end of the day, use what you find that helps improve your total damage and survivability. This build uses Pierce as it’s main damage source. Keep your resistances as high as possible.

Huo Qubing's Helm

Very strong helmet for a summoner build, reducing the recharge rate of all skills, and reduces the energy cost of all skills. It also includes some resistances, and extra health.

Mantle of Sa'jun

Since this build does not include many resistances, take this torso armor piece is almost required. It has a staggering range of resistances that greatly help the build and your survivability.

Stonebinder's Cuffs

Arguably the best pair of gloves that can be found in the game, solely for its increase to all skills. This armor piece will have other stats on it, but these are the guaranteed stats available.

Gauntlets of the Necrolord

If you want more coverage on resistances over skills, consider using Necrolord. Offering great resistances, attack speed, and an increase to all skills (although less considerable than Stonebinders)

Trunks of Mogon

Another very strong armor piece to help cover all your resistances. It also have a nice increase in movement speed to move around the battle field better.

Trollwrestler Greaves

Another option, offering a more precise resistance increase and higher movement speed. Use whichever one that helps you more.


Myrmidon's Pendant

Mainly chosen for it’s resistances, if you don’t need more resistances, use an amulet that offers better pet stats (higher damage or resistances).

Star of Elysium

A nice increase to your survivability, while also increasing some damage, but more importantly it helps with all health and health regeneration.

Sindri's Loop

A strongly recommended ring for this build, reducing the recharge rate of all skills. It also provides a small chance to dodge, and movement speed. What makes this ring really standout is the increase to damage for all your pets.

Talisman of the Jade Emperor

This is the best relic to have, and this applies to many other builds. This is mainly because of it’s easy reduced recharge rate to your skills. If you’re noticing a lack of resistances or survivability, consider using Apples of Idun instead.


Scepter of the Shadow King

A great weapon for this build, but not restrictive to only this. This scepter offers great physical damage (which this build does a lot of) and great health/energy regeneration. A nice bonus is an increase to all skills.

Golden Shield of Pelaron

A great choice for this build with the reduction to all skill recharge rate and energy cost. It also comes with great survivability stats such as energy, health and regenetation.