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Earth - Defense

This is a bow build using fire as it’s main source of damage and physical as it’s secondary source. Using the recommended armor pieces, the build has a lot of extra skills that allows having many skills and not all of them need to be allocated max points in order to have the maximum effectiveness.

While leveling, max out Earth Enchantment, Summon Core Dweller, Volcanic Orb and Battle Awareness, Armor Handling, Rally. The skills shown below account for increased skill points from the selected armor. If you need extra skill points, remove points from Ring of Flame, Heat Shield and Quick Recovery.

Use the best items you can find in your playthrough that compliment the skills being used. You most likely won’t find all the items listed in this guide, and that’s ok, it will perform regardless. The items are just a nice bonus.

This will be your starting class. Start with unlocked Earth Enchantment for an easy damage increase. Put at least 1 point in per level until it is maxed, while also focusing on the master bar until the third tier. Once you have Core Dweller unlocked, place more points into the other skills being used in the build and Core Dweller itself. Once you’ve reached this point, you can continue the master bar, or place a few extra points into the defense mastery. As you go along with the Earth mastery, make sure to place a handful to skill points into each new skill that is unlocked and being used with the build.

This will be your secondary class. Having a few points in the skill from this mastery will benefit the build greatly, while still having a major focus on the Earth mastery. Armor Handling will be really helpful to equip armor without needing a huge strength stat. Adrenaline should have 1 point in it at all times the moment it is unlocked, it will really help the survivability of the build. Slowly rank up the mastery bar as you go along. Once you have Colossus unlocked, you can go back down and place more points in the Defense skills, assuming your Earth mastery has been fully unlocked by this point.


Attribute points cannot be reset in Titan Quest. Keep your attribute points until you have equipment you cannot equip and allocate them as needed. Always retain your points until you need to spend them and ensure you have the stats to equip your endgame gear.

Required stats to wear the below gear;
STR – 629
DEX – 425
INT – 0


Given the difficulty at acquiring specific armor in the game without any third-party software, take the following items as recommendations. At the end of the day, use what you find that helps improve your total damage and survivability. This build uses Fire as it’s main damage source. Keep your resistances as high as possible.

Huo Qubing's Helm

A amazing helmet to use with this build. Since this build is very skill and energy heavy, having reduced skill recharge rate, and energy cost, helps with the overall uptime of the entire build

Odysseus's Armor

This is an all around great piece of gear for this build. Offering skill recharge reduction, damage, health and energy regen, and on top of all that, reducing all requirements of all gear, making it easier to equip higher level items.

Verdant Plate

Another great option, just about on par with Odysseus’ Armor. It still has some recharge rate reduction and energy cost reduction. It does make up for the difference by offering an increase to all your Defense mastery skills, and a couple resistance increases.

Stonebinder's Cuffs

Arguably the best pair of gloves that can be found in the game, solely for its increase to all skills. This armor piece will have other stats on it, but these are the guaranteed stats available.

Gauntlets of the Necrolord

A strong selection, more for survivability than anything else. Offering good resistances, some damage conversion to health, and an increase to all your skills, if you don’t need/want all the extra skills from Stonebinder’s, consider this are your replacement.

Legguards of the Flameborn

Since this build is so focused on fire damage, these greaves make the most sense. With a flat increase to all fire and burning damage, on top of fire resistance and some energy regeneration, these greaves are a great addition to your loadout.


Necklace of Harmonia

This is an amazing amulet for survivability, it converts a portion of your damage to health. Every attack you perform also heals you, and it provides some resistances and extra health.

Myrmidon's Pendant

If you’re looking for more damage, Myrmidon’s Pendant is a great choice. It offers a wide range of resistances, and a flat increase to all physical damage.

Seal of Hephaestus

Probably the best ring you could find for this build, with a significant increase to all fire/burning damage, some extra health, and increase to a skill.

Star of Elysium

Another great choice, less offensive potential, this ring increases some resistances, and a large increase to health/health regen. If you want more damage instead, you can try using 2 Seal of Hephaestus instead.

Eye of Ra

A great artifact solely focused on offensive potential. Increases to all our damage type, and a little extra to all insects. If you need something with more survivability, try using Apples of Idun instead.



This weapon really rounds up the build, with all the extra damage it can do. For some extra damage, it also provides an increase to all Earth skills. This is a amazing sword that you should keep an eye out for.


Mainly chosen for it’s offensive potential and it’s all skill increase. This build shield also provides some decent resistances.

Sun Disc

If you don’t need any extra skills, and would prefer more damage, definitely use the Sun Disc. It increases all fire damage, and also applies it’s own fire damage on top of it.