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Hunting + Dream

This is a Spear build using piercing as it’s main source of damage and physical/bleed as it’s secondary source. Using the recommended armor pieces, the build has a lot of extra skills that allows having many skills and not all of them need to be allocated max points in order to have the maximum effectiveness.

While leveling, max out Wood Lore, Take Down, Art of the Hunt, Study Prey and Psionic Touch, Lucid Dreams, Trance of Convalescence. The skills shown below account for increased skill points from the selected armor. If you need extra skill points, remove points from Volley, Call of the Hunt, Summon Nightmare. Do not place any points in Psionic Beam, this is purposeful as it does not apply to the build.

Use the best items you can find in your playthrough that compliment the skills being used. You most likely won’t find all the items listed in this guide, and that’s ok, it will perform regardless. The items are just a nice bonus.

This will be your starting class, start with Take Down and Wood Lore as these greatly benefit the build early on. Next will be Art of the Hunt and shortly after, Eviscerate to increase Take Down effectiveness. The next important skill is Study Prey as this reduces enemy resistances to your attacks. When you start having extra points, place them in Call of the Hunt for extra damage, or Gouge to start increasing your bleeding damage.

This will be your secondary class. While both classes are important to the build, Hunting takes precedence when it comes to allocating points. Place a couple points into Psionic Touch and the mastery bar, once you have Lucid Dream unlocked, you can slow down and put more points into Hunting instead. Slowing, keep putting points into the mastery bar until you reach Trance of Convalescence. Once reached, focus more on the skills rather than the mastery bar, after increasing your skills potency, complete the mastery bar of both classes and unlock all the applicable skills.


Attribute points cannot be reset in Titan Quest. Keep your attribute points until you have equipment you cannot equip and allocate them as needed. Always retain your points until you need to spend them and ensure you have the stats to equip your endgame gear.

Required stats to wear the below gear;
STR – 564
DEX – 454
INT – 0


Given the difficulty at acquiring specific armor in the game without any third-party software, take the following items as recommendations. At the end of the day, use what you find that helps improve your total damage and survivability. This build uses Pierce as it’s main damage source. Keep your resistances as high as possible.

Tracker's Hood

Tracker’s Hood is going to be the best option for head armor. With it’s reduced skill recharge rate, increase pierce damage, and some skill increases, this will be the best piece of armor for this build

Odysseus' Armor

This is an all around great piece of gear for this build. Offering skill recharge reduction, damage, health and energy regen, and ontop of all that, reducing all the requirements of all gear, making it easier to equip higher level items.

Tracker's Armor

Part of the Tracker set, this armor piece offers a valuable skill increase, and reduce the dexterity cost of equipping weapons.

Stonebinder's Cuffs

Arguably the best pair of gloves that can be found in the game, solely for its increase to all skills. This armor piece will have other stats on it, but these are the guaranteed stats available.

Tracker's Gloves

If you don’t want/can’t find Stonebinder’s, Tracker’s Gloves will also mesh well with the build, part of the Tracker set, increasing attack speed and skills, this is a viable option.

Trunks of Mogon

This piece comes highly recommended, solely for it’s wide range of resistance increases sorely needed with this build.

Athena's Battle Greaves

A secondary option for your greaves, this piece still offers some resistances increase, but also provides some damage, and other survivability stats.


Necklace of Harmonia

This is a amazing amulet for survivability, it converts a portion of your damage, to health. Every attack you perform also heals you. It also provides some resistances, and health.

Apollo's Will

The best ring that can be found for this build. Increase pierce damage, some skill increases, and resistances. If you can find this ring, definitely hang onto it.

Star of Elysium

If you don’t want to run 2 Apollo rings, Star Elysium is a great, and highly recommended option. Since Necklace of Harmonia reduces health regen by 3, Star of Elysium increases it by 5, so it effectively, negates the loss.

Talisman of the Jade Emperor

This is the best relic to have, and this applies to many other builds. This is mainly because of it’s easy reduced recharge rate to your skills. If you’re noticing a lack of resistances or survivability, consider using Apples of Idun instead.


The Last Emperor

A very strong spear, but not the only option here. This spear was chosen for this build for it’s physical damage, attack speed, and effective survivability with health and health regeneration. Any spear that can offer good physical damage and other pertinent stats will be a good choice here.

Achille's Shield

Achille’s Shield is a strong option for offensive effectiveness and some survivability. Use this if you want to output slightly more damage.

Shield of Skuld

Shield of Skuld is another strong option for defensive and survivability. Mainly for it’s high resistance stats it offers. Use this if you’re having trouble surviving.