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Defense + Conquerer

This is a sword & board build using physical as it’s main source. Using the recommended armor pieces, the build has a lot of extra skills that allows having many skills and not all of them need to be allocated max points in order to have the maximum effectiveness.

While leveling, max out Armor Handling, Battle Awareness, Colossus, and Onslaught, Battle Standard. The skills shown below account for increased skill points from the selected armor. If you need extra skill points, remove points from Adrenaline, and its passive skills, Quick Recovery and Dodge Attack.
Use the best items you can find in your playthrough that compliment the skills being used. You most likely won’t find all the items listed in this guide, and that’s ok, it will perform regardless. The items are just a nice bonus.

This will be your starting class, starting with Armor Handling to help equip armor and shields earlier. Put 1 point into Battle Awareness until mid-game, focusing more on the mastery bar to get more skills. Adrenaline is great to prevent death, Rally also achieves this goal acting as a secondary health potion. Quick Recovery is great to use against bosses or tougher enemies to increase your defenses. Shield Charge is a useful mobility skill, especially when dealing with archers. Colossus Form is another amazing skill to use against bosses and tough enemies. Unyielding Phalanx is useful when surrounded by enemies to protect yourself, and deal decent damage.

As your secondary class, Warfare will offers most of your offensive abilities in this build and should be prioritized equally with Defense. Weapon Training and Battle Rage should be grabbed early, but don’t worry about maxing them out. Max Onslaught and every sub-sequential skill unlocked before continuing with the mastery bar. Battle Standard is a great skill to increase offensive capabilities, use immediately before engagements, and bosses. While not many skills are used in Warfare, each one is important for this build.


Attribute points cannot be reset in Titan Quest. Keep your attribute points until you have equipment you cannot equip and allocate them as needed. Always retain your points until you need to spend them and ensure you have the stats to equip your endgame gear.

Required stats to wear the below gear;
STR – 629
DEX – 425
INT – 0


Given the difficulty at acquiring specific armor in the game without any third-party software, take the following items as recommendations. At the end of the day, use what you find that helps improve your total damage and survivability. This build uses Physical as it’s main damage source. Keep your resistances as high as possible.

Helm of the Conqueror

One of the very few great helms for a conquerer. It offers great resistances and a huge increase in skills for both masteries. You can also equip higher level items earlier with the reduction to the requirement.

Odysseus' Armor

Odysseus’ armor is a great all around option to use for your torso. From the increase to damage, regeneration increase, and reduction to all skill recharge time makes for a strong option.

Stonebinder's Cuffs

Arguably the best pair of gloves that can be found in the game, solely for its increase to all skills. This armor piece will have other stats on it, but these are the guaranteed stats available.

Bracers of the Argonauts

If Stonebinder’s Cuffs are not for you, these would be a valuable option to hang ontop. It does not offer any skill increases, but it does provide good resistances, health, and survivability.

Trunks of Mogon

Solely taken for its massive resistances boost. It is very much needed for Legendary difficulty. If you are playing on Epic, or want to experiment with more damage, feel free to try other greaves.


Myrmidon Pendant

Both amulet options are viable for their own reason. Myrmidon is great for flat damage and capping resistances.

Necklace of Harmonia

Harmonia is very strong at keeping you alive, not only for its resistances, but converting some damage to health.

Band of Souls

A great ring option for added survivability. If you happen to get a ring with the suffix Tinkerer and decent stats, use that and 2 relics/charms to cap out resistances.

Chiron's Loop

Chiron’s Loops is another great option, but one that can also be replaced with a good rare ring (green) with the Tinkerer suffix.

Talisman of the Jade Emperor

This is the best relic to have, and this applies to many other builds. This is mainly because of it’s easy reduced recharge rate to your skills. If you’re noticing a lack of resistances or survivability, consider using Apples of Idun instead.


Einherjar's Fate

One of the best swords to use with this build. Throw on a charm or relic to increase attack speed/damage to further improve this weapons effectiveness.


The best shield for this build. It helps with damage, resistances, and increases all skills. If you’re having trouble finding this shield, try and find one that helps your resistances. The damage and skill points are secondary.