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Hunting + Rogue

This is a spear & board build using piercing as it’s main source of damage and physical as it’s secondary source. Using the recommended armor pieces, the build has a lot of extra skills that allows having many skills and not all of them need to be allocated max points in order to have the maximum effectiveness.

While leveling, max out Take Down, Wood Lore, Art of the Hunt, Study Prey and Envenom Weapons, Lethal Strike, Lay Trap. The skills shown below account for increased skill points from the selected armor. If you need extra skill points, remove points from Monster Lure, Spear Dance, Blade Honing and Anatomy.
Use the best items you can find in your playthrough that compliment the skills being used. You most likely won’t find all the items listed in this guide, and that’s ok, it will perform regardless. The items are just a nice bonus.

This will be your starting class, starting with Take Down and Wood Lore. Given enough energy regen, you’ll want to use Take Down as our left mouse button ability. Herbal remedy is a nice extra healing source when needed. Monster Lure can be ignored unless you need/want slightly more survivability to distract enemies. Call of the Hunt is a short-term boost to your damage that should be used when needed. Once all your gear is collected, it should be much easier to keep this ability active.  Use Study Prey before every engagement to reduce enemy resistances so they take more damage.

This will be your secondary class. Both classes in this build are equally important to ensure to allocate points equally. Until the late game, Calculated strike should be used as your main attack skill. Envenom Weapons is a great and easy constant damage boost to have. Lay Trap is great addition to the build to help with both damage and keeping enemies busy. Lethal Strike is a huge damage skill, use it whenever you can against bosses or hero enemy types


Attribute points cannot be reset in Titan Quest. Keep your attribute points until you have equipment you cannot equip and allocate them as needed. Always retain your points until you need to spend them and ensure you have the stats to equip your endgame gear.

Required stats to wear the below gear;
STR – 538
DEX – 498
INT – 0


Given the difficulty at acquiring specific armor in the game without any third-party software, take the following items as recommendations. At the end of the day, use what you find that helps improve your total damage and survivability. This build uses Pierce as it’s main damage source. Keep your resistances as high as possible.

Tracker's Hood

Tracker’s Hood is going to be the best option for head armor. With it’s reduced skill recharge rate, increase pierce damage, and some skill increases, this will be the best piece of armor for this build

Ismene's Cuirass

One of the best options for this build, it adds more stats than the image shows, but the guaranteed pierce damage is great. In addition, you can place a relic or charm on this armor piece to help with any resistances.

Tracker's Armor

A very strong offensive alternative but it may be lacking on the defensive side. It offers an increase to all Hunting skills, and some defensive utilities for a more aggressive playstyle.

Stonebinder's Cuffs

Arguably the best pair of gloves that can be found in the game, solely for its increase to all skills. This armor piece will have other stats on it, but these are the guaranteed stats available.

Trunks of Mogon

Solely taken just for its massive resistances boost. It is very much needed for Legendary difficulty. If you are playing on Epic, or want to experiment with more damage but less survivability, you can try Tracker’s Leg Guards


Amber Necklace

One of the best amulets to have and use with this build, mostly for its reduce skill recharge rate, increase to hunting skills, and some helpful resistances.

Apollo's Will

The best ring that can be found for this build. Increase pierce damage, some skill increases, and resistances. If you can find this find, definitely hang onto it.

Star of Elysium

This ring is nice to have, but not required. If you are able to find a rare ring (green) with the suffix “of the Tinkerer” with decent stats, and put 2 relics/charms on it, than that would work better for this build.

Talisman of the Jade Emperor

This is the best relic to have, and this applies to many other builds. This is mainly because of it’s easy reduced recharge rate to your skills. If you’re noticing a lack of resistances or survivability, consider using Apples of Idun instead.


Blacksteel Spike

One of the better spears or have and use for this pierce build. It will have random rolls, the stats shown here are the guaranteed stats. This paired with a relic/charm to further increase damage, makes this weapon hard to match.


The best shield for this build. It helps with damage, resistances, and increases all skills. If you’re having trouble finding this shield, try and find out that helps your resistences. The damage and skill points are secondary.