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The Zealot is a versatile class that spends most of there time upfront in the enemies faces, usually alongside the Ogryn, if you have one. This Zealot build focuses on supporting your team, through both abilities, and effective weapons. The Antax Axe is a good cross for dealing with hordes and elites equally. It’s fast and you’re able to maneuver quite well with it. The Boltgun is great for dealing with Elites one shot at a time, or unloading the clip into monstrosities to deal exceptional damage. It’s also effective against monstrosities. Play with your team, and use your ability freely to keep them safe and stagger enemies away to create more breathing room. This build is versatile, but shines best when fighting with allies.


The Antax combat axe is a versatile weapon, able to deal with both horde and elite effectively. It has great maneuverability to move around the field efficiently.

Brutal Momentum is great help when dealing with hordes, as you can ignore enemy mass when striking their weakspots, which allows the weapon to hit more then one target. It also increases the weakspot damage a considerable amount. All or Nothing is a great damage increase based on remaining stamina, in any prologued enjoyment, you’ll get the benefit from this perk.

Unarmoured is really helpful to deal with hordes and any elite were they have no armor, and Maniacs covers a good amount of elite/special types. This can also be substituted for Flak to cover a broader range of armor types.

The Boltgun remains a strong heavy weapon to take down big targets with ease. While it is in-accurate with sustained fire, it can still be efficiently used to take down elites with precise single fire.

Shattering Impact reduces the enemies armor and resistance to other attacks. This can be applied for up to 20% decrease in armor, which translates to an increase of 20% damage from all sources. Pinning Fire is better for small elites that you can stagger, as it will increase the weapons damage and offensive potential for each enemy staggered (up to 5).

For modifiers, since this weapon is used to take down big targets, Carapace and Unyielding will cover these bases quite well. All Ogryn type enemies and all monstrosities included will take heavier damage from this already hard hitting weapon.



Curios are really flexible, with only a couple perks that really benefit builds. In this case, Toughness can be substituted for Health if required, but Toughness is still recommended. You will want at least 1 Curio to have 1 Wounds on it, wounds increase the amount of health bars you have. This is beneficial, especially on higher difficulties, as it allows some leeway if mistakes happen, or you get overwhelmed.
Stamina Regen is really important and should be the only modifier you go for one each Curio you use. Block Efficiency is great to have to further extend the capabilities of your melee weapon.