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The Zealot is a versatile class that spends most of there time upfront in the enemies faces, usually alongside the Ogryn, if you have one. This build plays into that aspect of the Zealot class quite well, while taking more of a risk compared to others. The Martyrdom build shines best based on how many health bars you’re missing. This build relies on having toughness and toughness regeneration from skills, ideally, you’ll want to be low health to retain the benefits, but don’t ignore healing stations. You’ll be more a liability to your team if you go down during a horde, so play smart. The Martyrdom build in the right hands is an incredibly powerful build to use in any mission.


The Heavy Eviscerator is a staple weapon for the Zealot. It has a long reach and a heavy swing, able to deal with any enemy type. It’s alternate attack mode can cut through armor, at the cost of remaining vulnerable for a moment during it’s attack.

Bloodthirsty gives a guaranteed critical hit when you use your alternate attack. This makes cutting through armor impressively powerful. It does come at the cost of being vulnerable for the duration of the attack, so it’s not recommended to use in a horde. Wrath increases your weapons cleave. Cleave increases the amount of enemies that can be hit in a single swing, this really shines when dealing with a horde.

Flak and Maniac modifiers cover a large portion of the elite/special enemy types. Alternatively, you can use Carapace modifier to deal with the more armoured enemies with your alternative attack mode.

The Heavy Laspistol is a very strong, if not the strongest weapon to pair here. Its mid-range damage is nearly unmatched, and easily deals with Elites/Specials that are out of melee range.

Infernus adds a stacking burn effect that deals damage overtime. This is most noticeable when dealing with Monstrosities or Ogryn type enemies. On some of the hardest difficulties, you’ll see this effect coming in handy against all Elites. Dumdum is a stacking damage boost when getting repeated hits on close range enemies. Both these perks together shred through both Elites and Monstrosities alike.

Flak and Maniac modifiers are the highly recommended modifiers for this weapon, as it covers Elites/Specialists of nearly all types.



Curios are really flexible, with only a couple perks that really benefit builds. In this case, Toughness can be substituted for Health if required, but Toughness is still recommended. You will want all 3 Curios to have 1 Wounds on it, wounds increase the amount of health bars you have. This is beneficial, especially on higher difficulties, as it allows some leeway if mistakes happen, or you get overwhelmed. With the Martyrdom build, you get many offensive abilities as well for the more health bars you’re missing.
Stamina Regen is really important and should be the only modifier you go for one each Curio you use. Block Efficiency is great to have to further extend the capabilities of your melee weapon.