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The Zealot is a versatile class that spends most of there time upfront in the enemies faces, usually alongside the Ogryn, if you have one. This build is made for the Thunder Hammer, and to deal a lot of single target damage with it. For everything else, the flamer comes in handy to deal with hordes, and light elites/monstrosities on fire to deal extra burn damage when you swap back to your hammer. This build is best played with teammates nearby, while you deal with any elites/specialists that get too close, your team will help deal with hordes or ranged elites.


The Thunder Hammer is one of the hardest hitting single target weapons available in the Zealot’s arsenal. When activating its special mode, it will deal devastating damage to the target.

Headtaker is a quick and easy way to increase your offensive capabilities for hitting enemies. This is a stackable effect that will continuously build up. Thrust is an effect perk for dealing with Elites or Monstrosities. Charging up your charge attack will increase it’s damage the longer you hold it. This builds up with Headtaker as well.

Carapace & Unyielding include some of the hardest enemies in the game, since the lesser elites will already have taken huge amounts of damage, having some extra damage when dealing with Crushers of Monstrosities will help greatly.

The Flamer weapon is the best ranged option for this build, since the Thunder Hammer will deal with all single targets, the flame will burn all hordes and lesser enemies. It is also effective at igniting monstrosities then turning to your thunder hammer after they are taking burn damage.

Blaze Away is great when dealing with hordes as it increases your damage while spending your ammo continuously. Overpressure will increase your damage based on remaining ammunition, playing with Blaze Away, both perks are based on spending ammunition.

Unyielding and Carapace modifiers are best used here to ignite tougher enemies before changing to the hammer. Purge the Unclean is already a great skill that increases damage against horde type enemies.



Curios are really flexible, with only a couple perks that really benefit builds. In this case, Health can be substituted for Toughness if required, but Health is still recommended. You will want at least 1 Curio to have 1 Wounds on it, wounds increase the amount of health bars you have. This is beneficial, especially on higher difficulties, as it allows some leeway if mistakes happen, or you get overwhelmed.
Stamina Regen is really important and should be the only modifier you go for one each Curio you use. Damage resistance against Gunners is helpful as they can output serious damage. You can also swap one out for Sniper resistance, for the instances that they catch you offguard.