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The sharpshooter excels at dispatching priority targets quickly and precisely. This build however, will look at the melee capabilities of the build, and the powerful effects a close range Veteran can bring. Using the Antax Combat Axe for it’s high damage, it can easily dispatch all enemies. The Kantrael shotgun is the ideal weapon to pair with the Antax for close range encounters. It’s special ability loads a burning round that will burn all enemies hit, and if it’s a critical, they will also bleed. Having both damage over time effects active at the same time will quickly kill enemies, if not, they will be left extremely weak. If you don’t like the Anatax Combat Axe, consider using the Chain Sword or the Power Sword. Both of these options would also fill the roll of a melee clearing weapon easily. Keep your ability ready if you get stuck, or need to run for a quick revive on downed allies, this skill can be extremely useful when used at the right time.


The melee option of this build is interchangeable. The Chain Sword or the Power Sword will both perform well here. The Antax Combat Axe was selected for its good damage, ability to deal with specials of elites, while still maintaining good mobility for hordes.

Headtaker is an easy and strong option to increase all offensive capabilities for every hit, it does not take long to ramp up the effectiveness of this perk. Brutal Momentum increases damage on weakspot hits, all weakspot hits will also ignore enemy mass, allowing for your weapon to continue its swing into another enemy.

Maniacs and Flak modifiers cover most enemy type you’ll deal with in melee, and having additional damage vs these armor types is ideal.

The Kantrael shotgun is a great choice for a ranged weapon, since you’ll already be up close to enemies. Use this and the Antax Axe interchangeably to deal with any enemy type, or situation you may encounter.

Flechette pairs really nicely with the shotguns alternate firing mode. When you score a critical hit, you will both bleed, thanks to the perk, and burning, thanks to the alternative fire mode.
No Respite helps increase overall damage potential of the shotgun. It’s a simple perk, but a very useful one when dealing with any enemy.

Flak armour is a general armour type you’ll encounter, many elites and specials use this armour type. Increasing your critical chance is also important as it plays into activating Fletchette.



Curios are really flexible, with only a couple perks that really benefit builds. In this case, Health can be substituted for Toughness if required, but health is still recommended. You will want at least 1 Curio to have 1 Wounds on it, wounds increase the amount of health bars you have. This is beneficial, especially on higher difficulties, as it allows some leeway if mistakes happen, or you get overwhelmed.
Stamina Regen is really important and should be the only modifier you go for one each Curio you use. Damage resistance vs Gunners is one of the best types of resistances to have, as Gunners can come in groups of multiples and can easily eliminate members of your team. For this melee build, Block Efficiency is another really useful modifier to have, as you’ll spend most of your time blocking and dodging, increase it’s efficiency makes the most sense for