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Ogryn’s main role in any game is to protect the team, take the bulk of the attention from enemies, and deal with all melee/hordes upfront and personal. Ogryn comes with a vast amount of health and wields some of the biggest weapons available. The typical role of an Ogryn is to keep their team safe from all melee enemies, to take a few hits and quickly replenish your toughness through various skills and weapon perks. This build however, while it is still having a very strong melee potential, it does excel at range. The Gorgonum is the main weapon here, excelling at destroying Elites, and burning monsters away with ease. During hordes, help you team and keep them safe, while there’s a monster, or a large amount of Elites, use the Gorgonum with your ability to wipe them out. 


One of the best weapons for the Ogryn, it is highly effective against hordes, and is very strong at keeping Elites occupied. Aim for the head with Elites and they won’t last long.

Momentum is a very strong perk for this weapon, given it’s heavy attack pattern to swipe at hordes. If using correctly during hordes, you’ll have no problem hitting 3 enemies at a time to constantly restore toughness. Slaughterer is a compounding perk that increases all offensive aspects per kill, up to x5. Stacking up this perk makes dealing with Elites that much easier.

Flak and Unarmoured make the most sense for this weapon, as all horde type enemies are unarmoured and you’ll be using this a lot for hordes. Flak covers a large portion of enemy types, both normal and elite. Maniac could also work here, but not has well as Flak.

Given this is a range build for the Ogryn, using the Grogonum fits that role extremely well. With the point-blank ability active, you can shred through elites, special and even unyielding enemies.

Charmed Reload helps with continuous fire, which with this build, will be used quite often. Being able to reload ammo on each critical hit severely negates the frequency of reloading. With continuous fire, you’ll refresh toughness thanks to Inspiring Barrage. This weapon’s perks are best used when there are enough Elites, or monstrosities given that continuously firing benefits both perks.

Maniacs and Unyielding cover a large portion of enemies this weapon will be used against. If you want a more general purpose, replace Unyielding with Flak, although it’s not really needed given the amount of damage this weapon can do.



Curios are really flexible, with only a couple perks that really benefit builds. In this case, Health can be substituted for Toughness if required, but health is still recommended. You will want at least 1 Curio to have 1 Wounds on it, wounds increase the amount of health bars you have. This is beneficial, especially on higher difficulties, as it allows some leeway if mistakes happen, or you get overwhelmed.
Stamina Regen is really important and should be the only modifier you go for one each Curio you use. Block Efficiency is great to have to further extend the capabilities of your melee weapon.