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Oathkeeper + Soldier

A different take on the Sword and Board type builds, focusing on fire damage and converting our physical damage to do even more fire damage. This build uses few skills in total, but focuses in them greatly, and has a wide range of support skills in the form of passives and toggles. The fewer skills also means that our devotions tied to each skill in use will activate more often, rather then with a larger amount of abilities.

The Oathkeeper class will be the center point of this build. Righteous Fervor and Aegis of Menhir being the 2 main skills for this build as well. The passive abilities increase the potency of our attacks, the Diving Mandate is a flat increase to all our damage. The priority for this build should be the mastery bar while leveling. Do not max any skill until you’ve completed the mastery bar, we don’t need to devote that many points to any single skill until the late game. This build does use 3 Rare items, feel free to replace these items with any Legendary equivalent and compensate any lack in resistance by replacing any Wendigo Lifescent Powder. Everything in the Soldier class is taken for it’s support role in this build.

This will be your starting class, focusing main on the mastery bar, Righteous Fervor and Aegis of Menhir. This class uses less skills, but dumps as many points as possible into these skills. Divine Mandate adds a flat increase to all our damage sources. The passive abilities activate off our default attacks to further enhance our offensive capabilities.

This will be your secondary class, taking the passive skills while putting points in the mastery bar.  This will be a pure support role for our main class. Many of the passive skills help with our survivability. Field Command is nice, flat damage increase.



Virtue’s Gaze

Titan Plating

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

Physique : 72
Cunning : 17
Spirit : 18


Focusing on Physique, only assign points to Spirit as needed. While these values are wanted for end game, you can always reset Attribute points with the aid of a potion later on, so feel free to assign points over the stated limit as needed.


Virtue’s Guard

Enchanted Earth

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#1 Purple Crossroad

#2 Falcon

Virtue’s Armor

Kilrian’s Shattered Soul

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#3 Undo Purple Crossroad

#4 Blue Crossroad

Mythical Colossal Grasp

Restless Remains

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#5 Scarab

#6 Undo Blue Crossroad

Mythical Chausses of Barbaros

Ancient Armor Plate

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#7 Quill

#8 Empty Throne

Mythical Runeguard Greaves

Mark of Mogdrogen

Malmouth Fortifying Powder

#9 Owl


Virtue’s Ward

Vicious Jawbone

Steelbloom Powder

#10 Lion

Incorruptible Gollus’ Ring of Oleron’s Wrath

Runebound Topaz

Steelbloom Powder

#11 Eel

Incorruptible Gollus’ Ring of Scorched Ends

Runebound Topaz

Steelbloom Powder

#12 Shieldmaiden

Reforged Chains of Oleron

Enchanted Earth

Malmouth Woundsear Powder

#13 Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak
Shattering Smash

Runecarved Rylok Crest of Supremacy

Vicious Jawbone

Rune of Violent Delight

#14 Hyrian, Guardian of the Celestial Gates
Presence of Virtue


#15 Azrakaa, the Eternal Sands
Righteous Fervor


Mythical Soulblade

Seal of Might

Bysmiel’s Cunning

#16 Undo Eel

Virtue’s Defender

Seal of Might

Bysmiel’s Cunning

#17 Oleron
Aegis of Menhir