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Demolitionist + Inquisitor

A sister build to our other Purifier build we have, skills and devotions are near identical. The core armor pieces and weapons are altered out. You could have both of these builds on the same character as they are so similar in gear and playstyle. Our primary focus is Fire Strike. Feel free to max it out while leveling in the early-mid game. The only reason it is not shown as max in this guide is because our gear choice brings it to its maximum with only 9 points invested already. The rest of our focus is in the Demolitionist tree with it’s skills and the few skills chosen from the Inquisitor tree.

This build is extremely minimalistic as far as skills go. If you want a build that does not require a combination of 6 different skills activated in a specific order, this may be the build for you. We use 1 skill as our left mouse button, 1 skill as our right mouse button. The rest are toggle skills that are always on, or passive skills that are always on by default. Mortar trap is option, but that would be the only skill on your hot bar you would activate separately. Most of our damage oriented skills are maxed out, and pushed over their limit thanks to our gear choice. Focus on using rifles as some of our devotions and skills only apply with a 2 hand range type weapon. You may have trouble dealing with enemies that have really high fire resistance, this is were using the mortar trap comes in handy as passive damage while you run around the enemy gaining distance to continue your attacks.

This will be your starting class, focus on Fire Strike and Flame Touch in the early game. Unlock Canister Bomb when you can, earlier the better as it will be a big source of damage and our right mouse button ability. Mortar Trap can be taken if you want passive damage, otherwise use the points to max out some of the other chosen skills. Our main skills from this class will be Fire Strike, Flame Touch, and Canister Bomb.

This will be your secondary class, only really taken for it’s passive abilities to enhance our Demolitionist skills. Increase in damage is pretty much all we’ll be looking for here. Unlocking Bursting Rounds will be really helpful to increase the overall fire damage, but focus on the Demolitionist tree mainly until you’ve unlocked everything you need from it, then put a few more points into the Inquisitor tree.



Dagallon’s Faceguard

Titan Plating

Malmouth Woundsear Powder

Physique : 96
Cunning : 11
Spirit : 0


Focusing on Physique, only assign points to Cunning as needed. While these values are wanted for end game, you can always reset Attribute points with the aid of a potion later on, so feel free to assign points over the stated limit as needed.


Mythical Ulzuin’s Shoulderguard

Enchanted Earth

Malmouth Woundsear Powder

#1 Red Crossroad

#2 Fiend
Blazing Eruption

Dagallon’s Armor

Kilrian’s Shattered Soul

Malmouth Fortifying Powder

#3 Undo Red Crossroad

#4 Jackal

Mythical Gauntlets of Ignaffar

Enchanted Earth

Outcast’s Warding Powder

#5 Quill

Mythical Runeplates of Ignaffar

Ancient Armor Plate

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#6 Hydra

Mythical Golemborn Greaves

Mark of Mogdrogen

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#7 Solael’s Witchblade
Fire Strike


Shard of the Eternal Flame

Arcane Lens

Osyr’s Wisdom

#8 Magi
Canister Bomb

Incorruptible Gollus’ Ring of Destruction

Bloodied Crystal

Osyr’s Wisdom

#9 Blue Crossroad

Incorruptible Gollus’ Ring of Destruction

Bloodied Crystal

Osyr’s Wisdom

#10 Sailor’s Guide

Mythical Ulzuin’s Torment

Enchanted Earth

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#11 Undo Blue Crossroad

Mythical Mark of Divinity

Tainted Heart

Rune of Astral Rift

#12 Behemoth
Fire Touch

Korvaak’s Deception

#13 Ulzuin’s Torch
Bursting Rounds


Dagallon’s Annihilator

Seal of Destruction

Malmouth’s Heart

#14 Eel

Dagallon’s Destroyer

Seal of Destruction

Malmouth’s Heart

#15 Ultos, Sheperd of Storm (5)