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Oathkeeper + Inquisitor

A dual wield fire build with complete focus in the Oathkeeper class, and a very minor focus on the Inquisitor class. While this build does focus mainly on Fire damage, it does include some decent Physical damage to help compensate against enemies with a large elemental resistance. While you won’t be killing them very fast, the combination of survival skills and offensive abilities/devotions should make up the difference in your abilities.

All Oathkeeper skills that are chosen are the focusing points of this build. Righteous Fervor will be the first skill unlocked, and one of the most important skills used as it replaced our basic attack. Following that, we’ll use Prescence of Virtue to add to our damage, but also adding to our health and overall defensive abilities. Vire’s Might is another highly important skill to the build, as our right mouse button ability, we’ll be using this ability as the bulk of our damage against both bosses and any minor enemy clearing.

This will be your starting class, focusing mainly on Righteous Fervor as our left mouse ability and Vire’s Might as our right mouse ability. We’ll focus a lot in this tree in the abilities chosen, usually maxing out the skills. Since we focus on Fire and Physical damage, Divine Mandate is the best option as our exclusive skill from this class. The bulk of our points go into our main left and right mouse button abilities. Feel free to stay on this class for the bulk of your play through as we take minimal skills from our secondary class.

This will be your secondary class, purely taken for it’s supporting skills to the build. The Word of Renewals offers quick healing and some minor defensive ability while also increasing your overall damage for it’s entire duration. You can reduce Vigor to 4 and place 1 point in Word of Arms if you prefer to have the skill up faster rather then the health and defensive abilities. The second skill is a passive that is always active and a flat increase to all damage.



Virtue’s Gaze

Titan Plating

Malmouth Woundsear Powder

Physique : 97
Cunning : 0
Spirit : 10


Focusing on Physique, only assign points to Spirit as needed. While these values are wanted for end game, you can always reset Attribute points with the aid of a potion later on, so feel free to assign points over the stated limit as needed.


Virtue’s Guard

Spellscorched Plating

Malmouth Woundsear Powder

#1 Blue Crossroad

#2 Lizard

Virtue’s Armor

Kilrian’s Shattered Soul

Coven Bloodied Ash

#3 Green Crossroad

#4 Scholar’s Light

Mythical Gauntlet’s of Ignaffar

Enchanted Earth

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#5 Kraken

#6 Undo Blue Crossroad

Mythical Runeplates of Ignaffar

Ancient Armor Plate

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#7 Fiend

#8 Undo Green Crossroad

Mythical Golemborn Greaves

Mark of Mogdrogen

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#9 Behemoth
Prescence of Virtue


Virtue’s Ward

Tainted Heart

Witch’s Black Flame

#10 Magi
Shattering Smash

Incorruptible Gollus’ Ring of Scorched Ends

Bloodied Crystal

Witch’s Black Flame

#11 Yellow Crossroad

Incorruptible Gollus’ Ring of Arcane Balance

Bloodied Crystal

Witch’s Black Flame

#12 Lion

Mythical Infernal Knight’s Girdle

Spellscorched Plating

Malmouth Woundsear Powder

#13 Undo Yellow Crossroad

Paladin’s Basilisk’s Fang of Scorched Runes

Tainted Heart

Rune of Ulzuin’s Fall

#14 Alladrah’s Pheonix
Vire’s Might


#15 Empty Throne


Mythical Infernal Brimstone

Seal of Destruction

Potent Solael’s Vision

#16 Chariot of the Dead
Divine Mandate

#17 Ulzuin’s Torch
Righteous Fervor