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Necromancer + Soldier

This build focuses more on the solo play of the Necromancer scheme rather then the Cabalist build utilizing every pet available. This build really shows the devastation that the Necromancer, paired with Soldier to create the Deathknight, can do. Focusing on dealing Aether damage, this build uses the power of the dead, and the aetherials, against them.

There are less skills overall in this build, but most of the skills we do select, we bring up to their maximum capabilities. That makes each skill very impactful in this build. Bone Harvest will be your right mouse button ability. Siphon Souls is best used for clearing smaller enemies and crowd controlling. Mark of Torrent is best used for single targets, like bosses or elite enemies to help make them easier to deal with. The rest of the skills chosen in this build are either passive skills, or toggle skills that are always on. This build is very easy to use, and very strong, recommended for anyone starting fresh wanting to find a build to get into.

This will be your starting class with a main focus on Bone Harvest and the mastery bar. The later skills in the Bone Harvest tree help it’s damage, and Harbinger of Souls greatly increases our damage while converting some of it to health. Reaping Strike and Necrotic Edge build upon our default weapon attacks, making them more deadly. Siphon Souls is only taken to help with crowd controlling enemies while Mark of Torrent is helpful for single targets like bosses or elites.

This will be your secondary class, focusing on the mastery bar to unlock all the relevant skills within this class. Field Command will be our main damage contributor from this class, as well as Fighting Spirit. Most of the skills from this class are passives to help contribute to our build.



Uroboruuk’s Visage

Eldritch Mirror

Malmouth Fortifying Powder

Physique : 79
Cunning : 0
Spirit : 28


Focusing on Physique, only assign points to Spirit as needed. While these values are wanted for end game, you can always reset Attribute points with the aid of a potion later on, so feel free to assign points over the stated limit as needed.


Uroboruuk’s Mantle

Spellscorched Plating

Malmouth Fortifying Powder

#1 Blue Crossroad

#2 Lizard

Uroboruuk’s Robes

Chains of Oleron

Coven Black Ash

#3 Green Crossroad

#4 Raven

Krieg’s Grips

Spellscorched Plating

Coven Black Ash

#5 Kraken

#6 Widow
Reaping Strike

Stonehide Solael-Sect Legguards of the Flesh Hulk

Ancient Armor Plate

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#7 Undo Lizard

#8 Undo Blue Crossroad

Krieg’s Boots

Mark of Mogdrogen

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#9 Jackal

#10 Behemoth
Spectral Binding


Uroboruuk’s Eye

Aether Soul

Irrah’s Soulfire

#11 Undo Green Crossroad

#12 Purple Crossroad

Incorruptible Gollus’ Ring of Anomalies

Corpse Dust

Irrah’s Soulfire

#13 Empty Throne

#14 Undo Purple Crossroad

Dread Lord’s Gollus’ Ring of Caged Souls

Corpse Dust

Irrah’s Soulfire

#15 Toad

#16 Yellow Crossroad

Mythical Spiritseeker Cord

Enchanted Earth

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#17 Dryad
Bone Harvest

Mythical Mark of Anathema

Aether Soul

Rune of Astral Rifts

#18 Typhos, the Jailor of Souls

Uroboruuk’s Reaping

#19 Rattosh, the Veilwarden
Siphon Souls


Mythical Temporal Arcblade


Potent Bysmiel’s Shroud

#20 Staff of Rattosh (3)

#21 Alladrah’s Pheonix (2)