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Soldier + Demolitionist

One of the more interesting builds designed, with a pure focus of doing great ranged damage, while having the survivability of a tank. This was a requested build designed for little to no movement required from the player while using range damage and being able to survive some pretty heavy hits. Utilizing 2 different sets of items, this build allows us to dish out a great amount of damage, while it is less so then other builds and weapons available, there was a higher focus on survivability over damage.

Just about everything in the Demolitionist tree is a primary focus and we want to maximize the skills chosen from it. Fire Strike and Flame Touch are our main sources of fire damage in this build. Flame Touch is always active, and Fire Strike is our left mouse button skill and will be used constantly. Following that, Break Morale will be our right mouse button ability to reduce enemy health instantly. Field Command and Menhir’s Will are our extra toggle abilities that will be active the entire time. We have a chosen of passive abilities that compliment the build. All our resistances are easily capped with this build, although we also have a lot of wiggle room to increase any lacking stats. This build does use a few Rare items that may be hard to acquire. You can replace them with any complimenting legendary item, and adjust the amount of Wendigo Lifescent Powder you use, to cap as many of you resistances as possible.

This can be your starting ability, or your secondary, the starting choice does not make a big difference. While we take more skill overall from this tree, we don’t focus in anything specifically. We want to put points here and there to acquire the abilities of different skills while not specializing in them. All except for field command , which directly helps our overall abilities. While we take menhir’s bulwark, for physical damage and health regent increase, if you don’t find yourself using it to it’s full benefit, replace the points into Oleron’s Rage for increase damage overall.

This can be your starting ability, or your secondary, the choice does not make a big difference. We focuses more in the skills of this class over soldier’s, but we specialize in the ones we’ve chosen. Fire Strike will be our main ability we use, as our left-mouse button ability. Paired with Flame Touch to increase our over fire and physical damage, we want to max these out as soon as possible. While we focus on a small amount of abilities in this tree, we want to focus on the Soldier mastery bar over the demolitionist as we get more skills over all in the later tiers.



Mythical Faceguard of Justice

Titan Plating

Solael’s Voidward

Physique : 87
Cunning : 14
Spirit : 6


Focusing on Physique, only assign points to Spirit as needed. While these values are wanted for end game, you can always reset Attribute points with the aid of a potion later on, so feel free to assign points over the stated limit as needed.


Mythical Shoulderguard of Justice

Enchanted Earth

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#1 Purple Crossroad

#2 Empty Throne

Mythical Chestguard of Justice

Chains of Oleron

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#3 Undo Purple Crossroad

#4 Green Crossroad

Mythical Handguards of Justice

Enchanted Earth

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#5 Hawk

#6 Undo Green Crossroad

Stonehide Solael-Sect Legguards of Destruction

Ancient Armor Plate

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#7 Scholar’s Light

#8 Red Crossroad

Mythical Golemborn Greaves

Mark of Mogdrogen

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#9 Jackal

#10 Undo Red Crossroad


Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath

Tainted Heart

Witch’s Black Flame

#11 Hydra

#12 Magi
War Cry

Incorruptible Gollus’ Ring of Destruction

Runebound Topaz

Witch’s Black Flame

#13 Blue Crossroad

#14 Lizard

Incorruptible Gollus’ Ring of Destruction

Runebound Topaz

Witch’s Black Flame

#15 Blue Crossroad

#16 Eel

Stronghold Waistguard

Enchanted Earth

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#17 Messenger of War
Field Command

#18 Undo Eel

Mythical Mark of Divinity

Tainted Heart

Rune of Blazing End

#19 Undo Hawk

#20 Solael’s Witchblade
Stun Blast

Korvaak’s Deception

#21 Fiend
Gaze of Beronath

#22 Green Crossroad


Stronghold Revolver

Seal of Destruction

Malmouth’s Heart

#23 Behemoth
Flame Touch

#24 Undo Green Crossroad

Stronghold Defender

Seal of Destruction

Malmouth’s Heart

#25 Ulzuin’s Torch
Fire Strike