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Necromancer + Occultist

A Caster who’s focus is to use their army of pets and beings to overwhelm and slaughter all enemies in front of them. All armor, skills, and weapons we use and for the pure focus to benefit all our pets and surviving as long as possible. It is very easy to walk through enemies in the late game, while struggling more then other classes in the early game. Using this build with other party members can be very fun, seeing the confusion of an entire army coming up on them.

All pet skills are our main focus as it directly translates to our offensive ability, and somewhat to our survivability, while enemies are distracted with your pets, they are not focusing on you. Some skills like Bone Harvest, and Curse of Frailty, while they are not pet skills directly, they help in a very big way. The last ability in Bone Harvest increases all pet damage, and Curse of Frailty reduces some resistances on enemies. Blood of Dreeg is helpful for survivability and some extra damage. For the most part, all other skills are mainly to the benefit of our pets, if not directly a pet skill in it of itself. We focused on pet abilities and having as many pets as possible over dumping all our points into 1 or 2 pets.

This will be your starting class, focusing on Raise Skeletons and other pet abilities. Focus on getting to rank 20 earlier rather then later to get the full benefit of Raise Skeletons, which will be our first pet ability, followed by blight fiend. Afterwards, we’ll need to put some points in our secondary class, while still focusing on getting our pets abilities up and the mastery bar. Bone Harvest is not as import of a skill and can wait until late game to put points in. Raise Skeletons is the only pet we really want to max out, given that we want to have multiple Skeletons up.

This will be your secondary class, focusing on the mastery bar to unlock the later skills. Supply points to the starting pets and their abilities. We want to grab Curse of Frailty for its second skill, Vulnerability. Once we reach Bonds of Bysmiel, all of our pets abilities will really start to show, along with the added benefit of our gear. While it is important to unlock as soon as possible, we also should put points in our pet’s abilities to ensure we don’t have any issues with progressing.



Mask of Lost Souls

Titan Plating

Bysmiel’s Veiltouch

Physique : 89
Cunning : 0
Spirit : 18


Focusing on Physique, only assign points to Spirit as needed. While these values are wanted for end game, you can always reset Attribute points with the aid of a potion later on, so feel free to assign points over the stated limit as needed.


Mantle of Lost Souls

Sacred Plating

Venomguard Powder

#1 Purple Crossroad

#2 Sheperd’s Crook
Reap Spirit

Mythical Necrolord Shroud

Living Armor

Bysmiel’s Veiltouch

#3 Undo Purple Crossroad

#4 Nighttalon

Mythical Overlord’s Iron Grips

Spellscorched Plating

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#5 Jackal

#6 Fiend
Summon Hellhound

Mythical Wildshorn Legguards

Ancient Armor Plate

Wendigo Lifescent Powder

#7 Hawk

#8 Bysmiel’s Bonds
Bone Harvest

Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves

Mark of Mogdrogen

Coven Black Ash

#9 Yellow Crossroad

#10 Panther


Shard of Lost Souls

Tainted Heart

Osyr’s Guidance

#11 Undo Yellow

Mythical Spiritbinder Glyph

Corpse Dust

Osyr’s Guidance

#12 Sailor’s Guide

Mythical Voidwhisper Band

Corpse Dust

Osyr’s Guidance

#13 Eel

Mythical Shadowfiend Cord

Ugdenbog Leather

Coven Black Ash

#14 Gallows

Mythical Rotdrinker Crest

Black Tallow

Rune of Ishtak’s Mercy

#15 Red Crossroad

Mogdrogen’s Ardor

#16 Dying God
Curse of Frailty


Beacon of Lost Souls

Seal of Might

Bysmiel’s Control

#17 Green Crossroad

Mythical Reaper of the Accursed

Seal of Might

Bysmiel’s Control

#18 Karvaak, the Eldritch Sun
Raise Skeletons