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Stability Build

This build relies on weakpoint hits against all enemies, this build is not affective at all if you cannot be accurate, but it is extremely rewarding when you are. To help with our accuracy, T1A of Deepcore is selected to remove bullet spread, and the overclock removes weapon recoil, helping our ability to land weakpoint hits. To compliment this, we have 2 secondary weapon options to compliment our primary weapon and to help us deal with any tough enemies quickly. If you have an overall good secondary and still have some crowd control, use the Boomstick. If you want to deal with tough enemies as quickly as possible, but the Boltshark. Both offer they own advantages, take the one that best suits your playstyle. The grenade options for this build also come down to personal preference, freezing enemies to kill them quickly, or to electrocute them and cleanup with the Deepcore, both viable options, but based on playstyle. Equipment perk choices remain a constant throughout the Scout class, making it easier to use between builds.

If you want to check out a build that is less dependent on accuracy and more on applying status effects, check out the Bullets of Mercy build linked below.


Deepcore GK2

T1A – Gyro Stabilisation (Remove Bullet Spread)
T2B – Expanded Ammo Bags (+120 Max Ammo)
T3B – High Capacity Magazine (+10 Magazine Size)
T4A – Hollow-Point Bullets (+20% Weakpoint Damage Bonus)
T5B – Improved Gas System (+2 Rate of Fire)
AI Stability Engine (Remove Recoil; 2x Spread Recovery Rate; +50% Weakpoint Damage; -1 Damage; -2 Rate of Fire)

A slightly different build compared to Bullets of Mercy, however very similar in function. The combination of perks and overclock turns this weapon into a no spread, no recoil weakpoint killing machine. It has a total of 70% bonus weakpoint damage in total making it very effective at dealing with just about anything, the only catch, you need to be accurate to get the full benefits out of this weapon. While the overclock does reduce damage slightly, and reduces overall Rate of Fire, T5B makes up for the loss to bring it net even.

Jury-Rigged Boomstick

T1A – Expanded Ammo Bags (+8 Max Ammo)
T2A –  Double Trigger (+7.5 Rate of Fire)
T3C –  High Capacity Shells (+3 Pellets per Shot)
T4A –  Super Blowthrough Shells (+3 Bullet Penetration)
T5C –  White Phosphorous Shells (50% of Damage converted to fire Damage)
Jumbo Shells (+8 Damage per Pellet; -10 Max Ammo; +0.5 Reload Time)

Boomstick is our first option of a secondary weapon for this build as it pairs extremely nicely with the Deepcore. This is a high damage burst style weapon, able to deal with Praetorians with ease, or groups of grunts thanks to it’s penetrating bullets (T4A). Since this is a high burst damage weapon, we want to capitalize on that with T3C (High Cap Shells) and our overclock to increase our damage per pellet with each shot. T5C (White Phosphorous Shells) made the most sense with a build focused on effects, but also for the additional damage of lighting enemies on fire. Since our overclock also reduces the overall ammo we carry, T1A (Expanded Ammo Bags) helps mitigate that loss.

Nishanka Boltshark X-80

T1C – Special Bolts : Taser (Enemies hit are Slowed by 50%. 80% if two arrows hit)
T2A – Broadhead Bolts (+25 Damage; +15 Area Damage)
T3A – Stabilizing Arm Brace (-0,4 Reload Time; -0,4 Ammo Swap Time)
T4A – Battle Frenzy (+50% Movement Speed after killing and enemy)
T5B – Magnetic Shafts (Bolts are pulled towards enemies affected by IFG’s or Taser Bolts. +25% Damage to affected enemies)
Trifork Volley (Shoot 3 bolts at the same time. +21% Max Ammo. -15% Damage. Reduce Rate of Fire)

An alternate choice to this build, while this secondary is exceptionally strong against strong enemies, there is a limited amount of ammo to use, so save it for Praetorians and stronger enemies. Shoot them with Taser bolts first before firing any Trifork arrows. While this weapon will deal with Praetorians and stronger enemies faster then the Boomstick, the Boomstick offers a decent crowd control option that the Boltshark does not have as well.



T1A –  Expanded Ammo Bags (+3 Max Ammo)
T2C – High Capacity Mags (+1 Magazine Size)
T3A – Magnesium Core (+15 Second Duration)

I found these perks to be the best choices overall. There is the option to chance T1A to T1B if you want your flares to last longer, but given the composition of most caves, you are not staying in the same place long enough to get the full benefits most of the time.

Grappling Hook

T1B – Longer Cable (+5m Range)
T2A –  Greater Cable Stretch (+5m Range)
T3A – High Velocity Ejection System (-0.2 Second Shoot Speed)
T4C –  Bypassed Integrity Check (-1 Second Cooldown)

I found these perks to be best overall, increase in range and reduced cooldown.

Fox Amor Rig

T1A – Improved Generator (-1 Second Shield Recharge Delay)
T2B – Healthy (+20 Max Health)
T3A – Shock Absorbers (+33% Fall Damage Reduction)
T4C –  Breathing Room (+3 Second Revive Invulnerability)

Armor is pretty flexible in perk choice, I enjoyed the following perk combination. It will always be more beneficial to take T2B (Healthy) for the increase in health, rather then shield, which only gives +5. Shield also regenerates, while health does not unless you gather red sugar or a re-supply pod. I also found T4C to be helpful especially on harder difficulties were you might be revived in the middle of a horde of enemies, the extra seconds in invulnerability will really help to get to a safe distance to re-group.

Cryo Grenade


Voltaic Stun Sweeper

Cryo is by far my favorite grenade, it has a wide range of applications were it is extremely useful. To name a few, instantly freezing large groups of enemies all at once, even praetorians. It can also be used to instantly kill smaller enemies like swarmers, they will also instantly kill all Mactera enemies. Lastly, freezing all enemies during/after getting a revive on a fellow dwarf is extremely strong to help them escape or to help yourself to get that revive.

An alternative choice here is the Voltaic Stun Sweeper. This “grenade” is very useful for this build specifically as it applies electrocution to enemies, up to 9 total. This slows enemies considerably, making it easier to get headshots on the bugs.

Passive Perks



Elemental Insulation

Deep Pockets

Thorns : One of the better perks for the Scout, since we don’t have any great crowd control against swarmers and alike, this perk really helps up out. It is capable of killing small enemies instantly after they hit us. It helps the overall crowd control capabilities. Definitely worth grabbing.

Resupplier : Another great perk that I recommend across all classes. If resupplying 50% faster wasn’t good enough to have in a pinch, gaining 25% more health each time is just the cherry on top. One of the best passive perks to have in my opinion.

Elemental Insulation : An optional choice, but a relatively strong one depending on the cave biome you’re in. Take 30% less damage from all elemental sources. This includes; Fire/Frost/Electricity/Poison/Radiation/Heat and Cold.

Deep Pockets : Another optional choice for the Scout, this is more a quality of life perk choice, it allows you to hold +15 more minerals of each type. This can be particularly helpful when gathering resources from hard to reach places, and in general limit the amount of trips needed to deposit them. This especially shines in any mission that does not have a Molly.

Active Perks

Heightened Senses

Field Medic

Iron Will

Beast Master

Heightened Senses: Based on personal preference. If you play solo, you can rely on Bosco to help you out from being grabbed, usually by a cave leach. For group games, as a Scout who is usually ahead of the group, or in hard to reach places, it can be useful to have an emergency safety button to escape bring grabbed from something that would otherwise kill you. This perk can be skipped if you’re playing with a reliable group that can save you quickly.

Field Medic: 100% a group game perk, do not use if playing solo. This perk should definitely be equipped when playing in a group game, especially for the Scout, but definitely useful on any class. The ability to revive allies 30%, fear enemies after reviving an ally, on top of the activation option of instantly reviving an ally, this perk can save games on its own.

Iron Will : Once per mission, you can revive yourself for 12 seconds before going back down. This may not sound like a great perk at first, but it can be used to save games. While on it’s own, not very strong, you can revive allies who can then revive you in turn. Alternatively, even in a solo game, there is a way you can stay alive, effectively turning this into a permanent self revive option. If you gather health within the 12 seconds, you will stay alive. This can be from Red Sugar, Resupply pods, or other means (Vampire Passive Perk). This perk can be very strong on a Scout who can zip around to gain health, or to quickly find an ally and revive them. Recommended saving it’s use until absolutely necessary.

Beast Master : A generally fun, and useful support perk, I found it’s best use in solo games, but it is not restricted to this mode. This perk allows you to convert a “Grunt” level enemy to be a companion. This includes “Grunts”;”Slashers” and “Guards”. I found Guards to be the best ones to grab, from the available options. It has the most health, which means, will survive the longest while grabbing enemy attention. In a pinch, the Slasher is also very helpful as it has the most damage to kill enemies from the available options. In the end, this is up to personal choice. There is a 5 minute cooldown between uses, allowing you to repeatability use this perk.