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Below you can find builds made for the Scout. Select the primary weapon type you want to explore that build. Note that some builds are playstyle dependent and may not be suited for everyone. The Scout’s main focus is his maneuverability around the cave. They are the fastest class, and can reach the hard to reach resources that other classes would have a much harder time to reach. They can light up any cave with ease and make exploring that much easier for everyone. They are great for luring enemies away and quickly doubling back over them to quickly revive a fellow dwarf or to grab a resupply to keep the fight going.

Deepcore GK2
Bullets of Mercy

Deepcore GK2
AI Stability Engine

M1000 Classic

DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine
Thermal Liquid Coolant

Deepcore GK2
Bullets of Mercy
Dreadhnought Variant