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Below you can find builds made for the Gunner. Select the primary weapon type you want to explore that build. Note that some builds are playstyle dependent and may not be suited for everyone. The Gunner’s main focus is his point defensiveness. The Gunner, in is name, focuses on killing everything with his large weaponry, while other classes have a specific role they can play, the Gunner is set on killing everything. While not his only role, the Gunner is equipped with some very helpful equipment options that benefit everyone involved. His Zipline gun allows him, and everyone, to travel to hard to reach places without needed to dig or platform. His shield is a very important and powerful tool, allowing you to get a revive in safety, or helping out fellow dwarves to get a resupply. The Gunner very easily places himself as the backbone of any squad.

“Lead Storm” Powered Minigun
A Little More Oomph!

“Lead Storm” Powered Minigun
Bullet Hell

“Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon
Neurotoxin Payload

“Hurricane” Guided Rocket System
Overtuned Feed Mechanism

“Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon
Big Bertha
Dreadnaught Variant