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Below you can find builds made for the Engineer. Select the primary weapon type you want to explore that build. Note that some builds are playstyle dependent and may not be suited for everyone. The Engineer’s main focus is his arsenal of turrets and support tools, able to hold any ground against enemies. They are the most versatile class available, with great combinations of weapons and overclocks. Paired with placeable turrets, skills, this class can be a one man army. The Platform gun allows the engineer to go anywhere with relative ease, and are not restricted to the ground level. This is a great class if you want to support any of the other 3 classes, or want to play solo without any troubles what so ever. The Engineer pairs well particularly with the Scout since they are able to place platforms on hard to reach minerals that the Scout can reach.

Warthog Auto 210
Cycle Overload

Warthog Auto 210
Mini Shells

“Stubby” Voltaic SMG
EM Refire Booster

LOK-1 Smart Rifle
Explosive Chemical Rounds

Warthog Auto 210
Cycle Overload
Dreadnhaught Variant