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Face Melter Build

This build is incredibly strong, and doubles as our Dreadnought build as well, since it is both effective in general caves and Dreadnought hunts. the CRSPR is the main weapon, dealing effectively with hordes since the Flamethrower penetrates targets by default, and lighting tougher enemies on fire. Face Melter is a very strong Overclock that really improves the base function of a flamethrower, to burn enemies. The one thing we lack with this build is effective range to deal with farther enemies or acid spitters. The secondary weapon choices both fill this role, with the Subata fitting into our fire damage build thanks to its T5A perk selection. Use both weapons throughout your cave run, without favoring either one. The CRSPR will use ammo incredibly fast, try burst firing when you can to light enemies on fire. When you use up all your ammo in the tank, swap to your secondary weapon to continue firing, Born Ready (if selected) will automatically reload our weapon after a short period of time.

If you prefer a build that relies on enemies walking through your flames that are on the ground, to lead enemies to a burning death, and does not rely on directly damaging enemies, check out the CRSPR Sticky Flame build here.


CRSPR Flamethrower

T1A – High Capacity Tanks (+25 Tank Size)
T2A – Unfiltered Fuel (+4 Damage)
T3C – Oversized Valves (+30% Rate of Fire)
T4C – More Fuel (+75 Max Ammo)
T5B – Targets Explode (50% Chance targets explode if killed from direct fire)
Face Melter (+4 Damage, +30% Rate of Fire, -15 Tank Size, -3m Flame Reach)

Face Melter is an incredibly strong overclock to deal with hordes of enemies with little effort. The Flamethrower naturally penetrates targets making it extremely good for large hordes of grunts. Face Melter increases the base damage a considerable amount, at the most of ammo and range. T5B will cause enemies to explode when killed with direct damage from the flamethrower (not burning damage). Consistent fire is required to cause enemies to explode. The Rate of Fire is almost doubled, so use with care to not be caught without ammo when you need it.

Subata 120

T1B – High Capacity Magazine (+5 Magazine Size)
T2A –  Expanded Ammo Bags (+40 Max Ammo)
T3C – Expanded Ammo Bags (+40 Max Ammo)
T4B – High Velocity Rounds (+3 Damage)
T5A – Volatile Bullets (+50% Damage to Burning enemies)
Explosive Reload (Each bullet that hits an enemy deals 42 Damage upon reload, -50% Max Ammo, -50% Magazine Size)

First choice of secondary, while either option will fill the role we need. The Subata pairs very easily with the CRSPR, with T5A, it does 50% more damage vs Burning enemies, which, all enemies should be burning when we’re done with them. Especially helpful to clean up Praetorians/Oppressors quickly without wasting too much CRSPR ammo. This weapon also fills our lack of range, able to pick off far targets easily, especially with our Explosive Reload overclock. It is very hard to pass on this weapon when using CRSPR.

Colette Wave Cooker

T1A – Convex Lens (+2 Damage)
T2A – Heat Sink (-20% Heat Generation)
T3A – Densification Ray (Enemies hit, -50% movement speed for 1 second)
T4A – Wide Lens Add-On (Press Reload to toggle Wide Lens. +25% shot width, but +110% Heat Generation)
T5B – Boiler Ray (Enemies killed have 50% chance to explode dealing 100 damage to nearby enemies)
Mega Power Supply (+100 Magazine Size, +3 Rate of Fire, -50% Cooling Rate, +1s Overheat Duration)

An alternative to the Subata, this weapon have great range and deals great damage at a fast rate. it’s downside is that it can overheat if not kept in check, making us vulnerable as we wait for it to cooldown. The Overclock for this weapon help increase it’s ammo and rate of fire, both help us stay in fights longer and deal damage faster. The downsides of this overclock can be somewhat ignored, if we never overheat (if kept in check) we ignore entirely the longer cooldown period. T5B also adds a chance for an explosion on enemy death, dealing extra damage to nearby enemies.


Satchel Charge

T1C – Bigger Charge (+250 Damage)
T2A – Kill Switch (Disarm and pick up charges)
T3A – Extra Satchel Charge (+1 Max Ammo)

T4B – Concussive Blast (+10m Stagger Range)

Satchels are great for cave clearing, but also work very nicely for large hordes and tough enemies. The perks really speak for themselves, increase damage, Stun chance, Max Ammo. Best to use against large hordes and Praetorians, but be careful as these can down allies with 1 explosion.

Reinforced Power Drills

T1B – Hardened Drill Tips (+50% Mining Rate)
T2A – Magnetic Refrigeration (+1 Cooling Rate)
T3A – Supercharged Motor (+50% Mining Rate)

T4A – Increase Tank Pressure (+6 Max Ammo)

We don’t really use these as weapons, they are not very strong compared to other options we have (our actual weapons) unless the enemy is really close to death and we want to regain health with Vampire perk. Focus on using these to create tunnels quickly, getting resources, or making a defensible location during hordes. Really helpful for Morkite Refining missions and drilling directly back to the Drop Pod instead of running through the cave again.

Mole Armor Rig

T1A – Improved Generator (-1 Second Shield Recharge Delay)
T2B – Healthy (+20 Max Health)
T3A –  Temperature Insulation (+50% Fire Resistance)
T4C –  Breathing Room (+3 Second Revive Invulnerability)

Armor is pretty flexible in perk choice, I enjoyed the following perk combination. It will always be more beneficial to take T2B (Healthy) for the increase in health, rather then shield, which only gives +5. Shield also regenerates, while health does not unless you gather red sugar or a re-supply pod. I also found T4C to be helpful especially on harder difficulties were you might be revived in the middle of a horde of enemies, the extra seconds in invulnerability will really help to get to a safe distance to re-group.

Impact Axe

Easily the best grenade option for the Driller, easily out performs other grenades and fills the gap for single target damage. We also have the largest capacity of grenades with this option. This is particularly strong vs Praetorians/Oppressors as it Stuns them in place for a few moments. When paired with Vampire Passive perk, we can regain health from a distance on enemy kills.

Passive Perks

Born Ready


Elemental Insulation


Born Ready : A really nice perk for Driller specifically, since the reload speed his heavy weapons can be a bit slow, especially in a pinch, it makes it really nice to both reload quickly, and not be left defenseless. When you’re out of ammo, swap to your secondary, after 5 or so seconds you’ll hear a verbal notification that the reload is done.

Resupplier : Another great perk that I recommend across all classes. If resupplying 50% faster wasn’t good enough to have in a pinch, gaining 25% more health each time is just the cherry on top. One of the best passive perks to have in my opinion.

Elemental Insulation : An optional choice, but a relatively strong one depending on the cave biome you’re in. Take 30% less damage from all elemental sources. This includes; Fire/Frost/Electricity/Poison/Radiation/Heat and Cold.

Vampire : Highly recommend this perk on all Driller builds since the Driller has multiple sources that can activate Vampire that other classes don’t have. You regain health on any melee kills of Grunts or tougher enemies (does not activate on swarmers). While the pickaxe can of course activate it on any class, the Driller specifically has different choices. This pairs extremely well with Iron Will perk. The Driller’s Reinforced Power Drills can activate Vampire, and the throwable Impact Axe can also activate Vampire.

Active Perks

Iron Will

Field Medic


Heightened Sense

Iron Will : Once per mission, you can revive yourself for 12 seconds before going back down. This may not sound like a great perk at first, but it can be a game saver. While on it’s own, not very strong, you can revive allies who can then revive you in turn. Alternatively, even in a solo game, there is a way you can stay alive, effectively turning this into a permanent self revive option. If you gather health within the 12 seconds, you will stay alive. This can be from Red Sugar, Resupply pods, or other means (Vampire Passive Perk). This perk is pretty strong on any class to keep for emergency situations. Recommended saving it’s use until absolutely necessary.

Field Medic: 100% a group game perk, do not use if playing solo. This perk should definitely be equipped when playing in a group game. The ability to revive allies 30%, fear enemies after reviving an ally, on top of the activation option of instantly reviving an ally, this perk can save games on its own.

Dash : Gain a very short burst of speed that can be used every 25 seconds (at max rank). This burst of speed ignores any slow effects you may be suffering, which can be really helpful when stuck in goo or any other slowing effects. You can even Dash while holding heavy objects like Aquarqs. This is particularly strong on slower classes, like the Driller, in order to keep up with the team, or to escape a tight situation quickly.

Heightened Sense : Based on personal preference. If you play solo you can rely on Bosco to help you out of being grabbed, usually by a cave leech. For group games, as a Driller with limited range weapon options, it can be useful to have an escape button for emergency situations to escape being grabbed. This perk can easily be skipped if playing with a coordinated group.