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Eye of Another World

This is a simple exotic that works with any subclass, it does not need to be used for stasis specifically. Given it’s benefit, and the low amount of stasis focused exotics that are usable, I like to use Eye of Another World for a strong general use stasis build. At it’s base, it provides a minor increase to airborn effectiveness, and a 50% increase to all your base ability regeneration speed. A nice added effect is enemies that are below 50% health will be marked in a red outline. Not a huge deal for the build, but any added effect is nice. You can use Osmiomancy Gloves in this build instead if you prefer have 2 grenades. There is no change to the build other then the exotic you want to use.

Iceflare Bolts is a relatively simple aspect, shattering a frozen target will spawn seekers that track, and freeze, nearby enemies. Effectively, you can keep freezing enemies permanently just by shattering frozen targets over and over again. Glacial Harvest Will enable the build to create, an endless amount of stasis shards. When freezing enemies, you will create stasis shards around the target. The tougher the enemy, the more shards will be created. This is particularly helpful as we take advantage of the added shards with our fragments.

Whisper of Chains
helps with survivability just by standing by stasis crystal or frozen enemies. Since our coldsnap grenades will continue to bounce from one target to another, there should be plenty of enemies to stand beside. Added bonus when using a weapon with headstone. Whisper of Fissures is a more offensive perk that amplifies the damage and damage radius of shattering stasis crystals. If you don’t need the damage reduction of Whisper of Chains anymore, shattering the crystal will do good damage.  Whisper of Conduction will take advantage of all the stasis shards Glacial Harvest will create. It will allow the shards to track to our position, rather then us going to retrieve them all where they spawn. Whisper of Rime is were all the stasis shard creating, and tracking comes to a point. Rime will grant a portion of overshield for a short while with each stasis shard collected. Collecting more shards refreshes the time the shield will last. This will help with overall survivability in any content.

Class Breakdown

Super : Winter's Wrath


Iceflare Bolts & Glacial Harvest


Whisper of Chains
Increase damage resistance while standing near a frozen target, or stasis crystal.

Whisper of Fissures
Increase the damage an radius burst when destroying stasis crystals.

Whisper of Conduction
Stasis shards track to you.

Whisper of Rime
Collecting stasis shards will provide an overshield.


Healing Rift
Provides a steady stream of healing while standing in it.

Burst Glide
Best overall movement jump for the Warlock.

Penumbral Blast
Ranged blast that freezes enemies.

Coldsnap Grenade
Grenade that freezes on impact and sends out a seeker to freeze additional targets

Weapon Recommendation
Exotic Weapon(s)
Conditional Finality

This is an extremely strong shotgun to use, not only for it’s freezing effect, but for how easily it can deal with champions, tough enemies, even add clear. For this build, its effectiveness at freezing enemies makes it ideal. It can perform in any difficulty aspect of the game which makes it the perfect weapon to use. The freezing effects are particularly strong against Unstop champions, but freezing any champion type makes dealing with them a breeze.

Legendary Weapon(s)

Bloodfeud is a strong SMG that can roll with Headstone, and your choice of 3rd column perk. I like Pugilist for more melee energy.


The strongest stasis fusion rifle. Lowest charge time, and can have Chill Clip which slow/freezes enemies effectively.

Bump in the Night

An aggressive frame rocket that can have Chill Clip. This paired with someone using Gjallarhorn enables multiple freezing and shatter damage from chill clip.

Perk Recommendation

Headstone // Chill Clip

Any weapon with the above perks will benefit the build. While not needed, the ability to freeze/slow any enemy is very strong, and with a stasis build, ties in quite nicely. Headstone will create a stasis crystal on every precision kill you get. Chill clip will apply slowing stacks on enemies, and with enough slow, it will freeze the enemy in place. Both of these effect benefit the build and tie in to our fragments/aspects of choice.

Armor Stat Priority


Armor Mod Recommendation


Stasis Siphon/Harmonic Siphon
Either one of these siphons works for the build. Recommend using the less expensive one that is currently available.

Ashes to Assets
Generate super energy on Grenade kills.

Font of Wisdom (opt)
Increase Intellect for a short while.



Grenade final blows create Orbs of Power

Impact Induction
Causing damage with your Melee attack will reduce your grenade cooldown

Grenade Kickstarter (opt)
When using your grenade, generate grenade energy based on armor charges.


Element Resistance
Use the appropriate element resistance that corresponds with the activity you are doing.


Stasis Weapon Surge
While having active armor charges, your Void weapon damage is increased.

Reduce grenade cooldown with each Orb of Power pickup

Absolution (opt)
Reduce all ability cooldowns with each Orb of Power pickup.


Time Dilation
You can retain armor charges for a longer period of time

Reduce your grenade cooldown when you use your class ability