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Lorely Splendor

This is a very strong, survivability centered build. While Lorely Splendor has lost a bit of it’s potency, it is still very capable of helping you survive. When you are critically wounded, and have full class ability energy, you create a Sunspot at your location. You will also create a Sunpot when activating your barricade class ability, this will remove the ability to create Sunspots when critically wounded until your have your class ability back. The Sunspots have increased restoration effects to further improve survivability. This is a tradeoff from having a more damage oriented exotic build, this can perform quite nicely in legend/master nightfalls, lost sectors, even raids, depending on the encounter. A great all around survivability focused build.

Roaring Flame is a great way to stack damage increases on your abilities, which is helpful to help with your damage output. Final blows with solar abilities, or ignitions, increases their damage, stacking x3. Using throwing hammer, and recovering it, it’s easy to keep the damage stacks up, and constantly creating Sunspots. Sol Invictus, Is another aspect that works heavily with our abilities. Solar ability final blows, and defeating scorched targets will now create Sunspots. Standing in a Sunspots allow your abilities to recharge much faster, and if you are in your super, it will drain slower while standing in it. Sunspots also damage enemies that are standing in them, and when you are in them, they apply restoration. With the heavy focus on abilities, there should be no shortage of Sunspots to keep your abilities active, and make staying alive that much easier. Pairing this aspect with Lorely is just a double down on survivability.

Ember of Searing
will create Firesprites when killing any scorched enemy. It does have a short cooldown between activations. Firesprites provide grenade energy when collected. Ember of Torches make you radiant when you hit enemies with your powered melee attack. Radiant increases your damage and the damage of anyone near you. Ember of Mercy will grant restoration when picking up Firesprites. This makes gathering these sprites help with both ability and survivability. Ember of Solace will increase the duration that Radiant lasts (Ember of Torches) and Restoration (Ember of Mercy/Sunspots). This helps retain these buffs as long as possible between engagements, helping ensure there is no downtime.

Class Breakdown

Super : Hammer of Sol


Roaring Flame & Sol Invictus


Ember of Searing
Defeating scorched targets creates Firesprites

Emberof Torches
Apply the radiant buff on successful melee attacks

Ember of Mercy
Gain restoration when collecting Firesprites

Ember of Solace
Increase radiant and restoration buff duration.


Rally Barricade
Create a small barricade that increases range, reload speed and stability while standing behind it.

Strafe Lift
Best overall movement jump for the Titan.

Throwing Hammer
Throwable range melee. Picking up your hammer fully refunds it.

Solar Grenade
Creates a continuous ball of fire on impact to damage enemies within it’s radius

Weapon Recommendation
Exotic Weapon(s)
Conditional Finality

An extremely strong shotgun for just about any build, but specifically for its effectiveness at causing solar ignitions. This is the ideal weapon to use against champions, or any tougher target, in any difficulty level of the game. The first shot will freeze the target in place, and the second will cause an ignition (if enough pellets hit the enemy). This makes the shotgun an ideal weapon when using a solar subclass.


A very strong burst damage weapon, that can play into our survivability. While damaging enemies, you will heal for a portion of that damage. This when using the Banshee’s Wail effect of rev’ing the sword, will not only increase it’s effective damage, but provide healing while doing so. It does have it’s limitation on what boss it can be used on, but it is an overall great choice.

Legendary Weapon(s)
Calus Mini-Tool

The Calus Mini-Tool SMG can roll with Incandescant which is very strong with any scorching build. Highly recommended in this build.

Cartesian Coordinate

This is a great rapid-fire fusion rifle that can output great damage. With the Vorpal weapon perk, it is great for bosses.


Cataclysmic is amazing for boss damage. It is particularly powerful for any distant DPS requirement.

Perk Recommendation

Incandescant or Demolitionist


Any weapon with Incandescant is ideal for this build. Because Incandescant will Scorch targets for each final blow. The more scorch stacks on enemies the better since it helps with solar ignitions as well. You could also use Demolitionist, it will synergize quite well with this build, and it will help you keep your grenade energy charged.

Armor Stat Priority


Armor Mod Recommendation


Solar Siphon/Harmonic Siphon
Either one of these siphons works for the build. Recommend using the less expensive one that is currently available.

Generate super energy on melee kills.

Font of Wisdom (opt)
Increase Intellect for a short while.



Powered Melee final blows create Orbs of Power


Impact Induction
Causing damage with your Melee attack will reduce your grenade cooldown

Grenade Kickstarter (opt)
When using your grenade, generate grenade energy based on armor charges.


Element Resistance
Use the appropriate element resistance that corresponds with the activity you are doing.


Solar Weapon Surge
While having active armor charges, your Solar weapon damage is increased.

Reduce grenade cooldown with each Orb of Power pickup

Absolution (opt)
Reduce all ability cooldowns with each Orb of Power pickup.


Time Dilation
You can retain armor charges for a longer period of time

Reduce your grenade cooldown when you use your class ability