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Abeyant Leap

Abeyant Leap is a very strong exotic, so much so that is it the ideal exotic to use with Strand, and is recommended for any difficult content in the game, including Grand Master Nightfalls. It improves the functionality of the Drengr’s Lash aspect, instead of creating 1 projectile, it now creates 3 suspending projectiles. These projectiles have improved enemy tracking, and travel further. In addition to this, you now gain Woven Mail, a damage resistance buff, every time you suspend enemies. This is extremely strong against all champions as it completely removes their effectiveness in battle, and leaves them vulnerable to damage, while at no risk to yourself or your team. When using Strand, strongly consider using this build for tough content, as it makes those hard nightfalls a breeze.

Into the Fray grants more ways of gaining Woven Mail. Destroying a Tangle, or casting your super grants Woven Mail for you and nearby allies. While you have Woven Mail, your melee regeneration rate is increased. Woven Mail is a strong damage resistance buff that stats on top of your existing resilience damage resistance.  Drengr’s Lash is really important to this build, Abeyant Leap benefits this aspect directly and is needed for the functionality of this build. Casting your barricade ability creates a ripple of strand energy that travels forward. This strand energy damages enemies and suspends them, making them easy targets. With Abeyant Leap, it increases the ripple amount from 1 to 3, increasing the strand suspending coverage area and damage capabilities.

Thread of Continuity
increase the duration of all suspend, unravel and sever effects applied to enemies. Since this build benefits directly from Woven Mail, and a lot of suspending, this fragment quickly benefits the entire build. Thread of Fury damaging enemies with a Tangle grants melee energy. A simple, yet useful fragment to help with overall ability uptime with the build.  Thread of Mind, defeating suspended targets generates class ability energy. Another big source of our ability energy regeneration and easily one of the more important fragments. With Abeyant Leap and Drengr’s Lash aspect, the more barricade you can use, the better the build will perform. Thread of Binding super final blows create a suspending burst from the target. A great fragment to have to really double down on suspending enemies, and it provides resilience.

Class Breakdown

Super : Bladefurry

Drengr’s Lash & Into the Fray


Thread of Mind
Defeating suspended enemies grants class ability energy.

Thread of Continuity
Suspend, Unravel and Sever effects applied to enemies last longer.

Thread of Binding
Super final blows emit a suspending burst from targets.

Thread of Fury
Damaging enemies with a Tangle grants melee energy,



Rally Barricade
Create a small barricade that increases reload speed, range and stability while standing behind it.

Strafe Lift
Best overall movement jump for the Titan.

Frenzied Blade
Activate your melee ability to lash forward and slash at enemies.

Shackle Grenade
Throw to suspend targets. Creates additional suspending bursts at target location

Weapon Recommendation
Exotic Weapon(s)

While not a strand weapon, Lament offers great damage and survivability paired into one. With the built in Anti-Barrier champion mod, this also makes it an ideal weapon to use in difficult content alongside this build. Since the build can suspend enemies very easily, it makes using a sword in even the most difficult of content viable. Thanks to Laments damage output, and healing factor on hit, it makes it the ideal weapon to use here, and retains the ability to use a Strand primary weapon with the build.

Legendary Weapon(s)
The Immortal

Currently the strongest strand SMG available. Has create perks and stats for both a strand build, or general.

Until it's Return

A strong strand shotgun should you need to use a exotic heavy. Has great perks available to suit any playstyle

Laser Painter

If you can get good perks on it, this strand linear can be a strong contender for your heavy weapon of choice.

Perk Recommendation

Hatchling // Demolitionist


Any weapon with the above perks will benefit the build. Hatchling is always a strong choice with any strand build. They are a great source of additional damage at no extra cost of yourself. Demolitionist is a simply perk that produces grenade energy with any final blow. This is ideal for keeping your grenade energy charged throughout any encounter.

Armor Stat Priority


Armor Mod Recommendation


Strand Siphon/Harmonic Siphon
Either one of these siphons works for the build. Recommend using the less expensive one that is currently available.


Ashes to Assets
Generate super energy on Grenade kills.


Font of Wisdom (opt)
Increase Intellect for a short while.



Grenade final blows create Orbs of Power


Impact Induction
Causing damage with your Melee attack will reduce your grenade cooldown

Grenade Kickstarter (opt)
When using your grenade, generate grenade energy based on armor charges.



Element Resistance
Use the appropriate element resistance that corresponds with the activity you are doing.


Strand Weapon Surge
While having active armor charges, your Strand weapons damage is increased.


Reduce grenade cooldown with each Orb of Power pickup


Absolution (opt)
Reduce all ability cooldowns with each Orb of Power pickup.


Time Dilation
You can retain armor charges for a longer period of time


Reduce your grenade cooldown when you use your class ability