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Liar's Handshake

This is a great build that focuses more on melee damage and output, rather then survivability. This build is extremely similar to using Assassin’s Cowl, and can easily be interchanged. If you’re having trouble surviving, consider trying Assassin’s Cowl, while the damage output is lesser than Liar’s Handshake, it’s easier to do harder content with. Liar’s Handshake is a simple exotic, after receiving or dealing melee damage grants a buff called Cross Counter. This buff grants 200% increase melee damage and some health regeneration. If you are using a One-Two Punch weapon, there are diminishing returns, but still a significant increase in damage. This is great for general content of game, and can still perform in difficult content, but may struggle in surviving more than other builds.

Lethal Current an almost required aspect for all melee hunter builds. After dodging, your next melee attack has increased range, jolts, and creates a damaging aftershock. Performing a melee on enemies that are already jolted will blind them. Flow State is an easy way to stay amplified and to help with survivability. Defeating jolted enemies, makes you amplified. While amplified, your class ability recharges faster, you are more resilient while dodging, and your reload speed is much faster. Since this melee build easily jolts enemies, its extremely easy to stay amplified and retain all benefits of being amplified.

Spark of Shock makes your grenade Jolt targets now, enabling great arc offensive damage and creating Ionic Traces. Spark of Magnitude increases the duration that your grenades last. This means our single grenade throw can Jolt even more targets that walk into it. Spark of Resistance will make you more resistant to damage while surrounded by enemies. Spark of Feedback after you take melee damage, your outgoing melee damage will be increased for a short while.

Class Breakdown

Super : Gathering Storm


Lethal Current & Flow State



Spark of Shock
Pulse Grenade now jolts enemies.

Spark of Magnitude
Increase the duration of your Pulse Grenade.

Spark of Resistance
Will make you more resistant to damage while surrounded by enemies.

Spark of Feedback
Taking melee damage briefly increases your melee damage.



Gambler’s Dodge
Best for a melee build, dodging fully recharges your melee ability.

Triple Jump
Best overall movement jump for the Hunter.

Combination Blow
Best melee for any arc hunter build. Increases damage after defeating enemies, stacking 3 times. Fully refunds your class ability and heal.

Pulse Grenade
Best option to apply jolt to as many enemies as possible.

Weapon Recommendation
Exotic Weapon(s)
Conditional Finality

Since this build plays at very close range, using a shotgun (or equivalently close range weapon) is the most ideal solution. Conditional Finality is a very strong shotgun capable of freezing, and igniting combatants. It excels against champions and tougher enemies in general. It makes for a great combination with the arc melee build, while you can melee kill most red bar enemies, the shotgun can assist with tougher enemies.

Legendary Weapon(s)
Ikelos SMG

Ikelos is a very strong SMG that can roll with the Voltshot perk. Highly recommended in this build.

Wastelander M5

A great kinetic shotgun that can roll with One-Two Punch to increase melee damage. Any shotgun with One-Two will provide a great benefits to this build.

The Hothead

Hothead is one of the best rocket launchers in the game. One of the best weapons to use against just about any boss.

Perk Recommendation

Voltshot or One-Two Punch

Any weapon with Voltshot is ideal for this build since Voltshot can trigger jolt on enemies. One-Two Punch is great to easily increase your melee damage.

Armor Stat Priority


Armor Mod Recommendation


Arc Siphon/Harmonic Siphon
Either one of these siphons works for the build. Recommend using the less expensive one that is currently available.


Generate super energy on melee kills.


Font of Wisdom (opt)
Increase Intellect for a short while.


Heavy Handed

Powered Melee kills create Orbs of Power

Impact Induction (opt)
Generate class ability energy when dealing grenade damage.

Melee Kickstarter (opt)
When using your Melee, generate Melee energy based on armor charges.


Element Resistance
Use the appropriate element resistance that corresponds with the activity you are doing.


Arc Weapon Surge
While having active armor charges, your arc weapon damage is increased.

Reduce grenade cooldown with each Orb of Power pickup

Absolution (opt)
Reduce all ability cooldowns with each Orb of Power pickup.


Time Dilation
You can retain armor charges for a longer period of time

Reduce your grenade cooldown when you use your class ability