Nightblade + Necromancer


- - Summary Needed - -

Helm Deathguard Hood*    
Component Titan Plating*  
Augment Wendigo Bloodscent Powder  
Shoulders Deathguard Mantle   Great dual weild set focusing on poison damage and
converting all vitality damage into poison. The best set in
order to do this is the Deathguard set.
Component Silk Swatch*    
Augment Wraithguard Powder    
Chest Deathguard Shroud    
Component Chains of Oleron*    
Augment Bladeward Powder    
Gloves Mythical Viperfang Grips   The glove option increases our poison damage and acid damage. Best option to increase all DPS.
Component Restless Remains*    
Augment Coven Warding Powder    
Pants Mythical Nidalla's Legwraps   A good option for pants, this will further increase our overall damage and add some nice health and resistance.
Component Silk Swatch*    
Augment Wraithguard Powder    
Boots Mythical Golemborn Greaves   Great boots that offer high armor and resistances. Nothing fancy but works.
Component Mark of Mogdrogen*    
Augment Wraithguard Powder    
Amulet Conduit of Night Whisper   In order to make sure we cap our resistances we need to focuse on a more defensive option for our amulet. The increase to stats and element resistance is great and offering to increase all our Nightblade skills at the same time.
Component Tainted Heart*    
Augment Basilisk's Gaze     
Ring #1 Deathguard Sigil   Not part of the Deathguard set (oddly enough) as the name suggests, this makes it the ideal ring for our Reaper build, adding poison, attack speed, everything we'd need. We'll even take two of them!
Component Corpse Dust    
Augment Basilisk's Gaze    
Ring #2 Deathguard Sigil    
Component Corpse Dust    
Augment Basilisk's Gaze    
Belt Mythical Sash of the Immortal Sage   In order to cap our resistances, this belt is the only option (as far as which resistances we actually need capped)
Component Dense Fur*    
Augment Wendigo Bloodscent Powder     
Medal Mythical Dreadchill Mark   A good choise for a medal, you could focuse on a more poison oriented medal, but we chose this one for its resistances and the fact that Bone Harvest, one of our chain skills is a Cold type attack.
Component Tainted Heart*    
Relic Malediction*   More poison damage, essentially the only reason we took this one.
Weapon Deathguard Blade    An obvious choice for a poison dual wield build while using the deathmark set. This weapon, being the best option, we use two of them, but change the component. Each offering there own bonuses, we take advantage of the two. 
Component  Vitriolic Gallstone*     
Augment  Coven's Bane     
Off-Hand  Deathguard Blade      
Component Seal of Shadows*    
Augment Coven's Bane    
  * = Crafted Item      

All items are displayed with average stats. Items found in the world may vary slightly.


The items above are set with average stats, which gives these resistances as a result. Your results may vary slightly.
The damage type you need to watch for in Ultimate difficulty is Stun. Not many normal enemies do Stun attacks, that will mostly be bosses you'll need to be careful with. The other resistances are maxed, (80%), or above.

Skills & Attributes

Skill representation is displayed at level 100 (max). Seeing as they can be re-allocated it doesn't matter in what order you chose your skills.
The attributes points can be assigned at your discretion. It is recommended not to go over the max allocated attribute type, but if you do, there is a potion that can be found that will reset attribute stats.

Physique :    85
Cunning :    5
Spirit :    15


Nightblade Skills

Dual Blades : Passive skill, always active. Allows the user to Dual-Wield and adds piercing / cold damage.

Amarasta's Blade Burst : Activation skill. Does great weapon damage and adds poison damage to all attacks for a short duration after activation.

Veil of Shadows : Toggle skill. Reduces opponents offensive ability and attack speed / movement speed.

Belgothian Shears : Addon skill to Dual Blades. Chance of being activated does more weapon damage and physical damage.

Nidalla's Hidden Hand : Addon skill to Dual Blades. Modifies the rest of the default attacks to do massive poison damage.

Shadow Strike : Activation skill. Move to a target to deal massive amounts of single target damage/

Phantasmal Armor : Passive skill, always active. adds a small amount of armor and certain resistances.

Amarastas Quick Cut : Addon skill to Dual Blades. Does good weapon damage and critical damage.

Lethal Assault : Addon skill to Amarasta's Blade Burst. Adds Acid damage to all attacks for a short duration after activation.

Night's Chill : Addon skill toVeil of Shadows. Reduces enemies resistances so you can deal greater damage.

Blade Barrierr : Activation skill. Heal yourself for a short duration while being invulnerable to all other types of damage.

Anatomy of Murder : Passive skill, always active. Increase Cunning and damage done to all human enemies.

Whirling Death : Addon skill to Dual Blades. Deal damage in a 360 degree arc.

Nidalla's Justifiable Ends : Addon skill to Shadow Strike. Deal great poison damage and reduce skill recharge time.

Merciless Repertoire : Passive skill, always active. Increase all poison damage done and deal extra damage over time.

Execution : Addon skill to Dual Blades. Deal a huge amount of weapon damage and reduce enemies health by 33% upon activation.

Nightfall : Addon skill to Shadow Strike. Converts a small portion of damage to health and deals other type of damage.


Necromancer Skills

Reaping Strike : Passive skill, chance of activating. Deal great danage and converts a portion of the damage done into health.

Bone Harvest : Right-Click skill. Using the items in the build, this will be the best attack converting ALL damage done to poison.

Spectral Bindings : Toggle skill. Increase health and offensive ability.

Necrotic Edge : Passive skill, chance of activating. Deals good damage to multiple targets infront of you.

Spectral Wrath : Addon skill to Spectral Bindings. Reduces enemies attack speed and resistances.

Dread : Addon skill to Bone Harvest. Adds Cold damage and Pierce damage to the attack and increases its radius.

Soul Harvest : Addon skill to Bone Harvest. Adds more Cold damage and increase all your attacks for a duration after activation.

Mark of Torrent : Activation skill. Best used on bosses, absorb some of the damage done by the target and reflects double the damage back to them.

*Skills are not shown with gear bonuses*


Green Crossroad   1 : +18 Offensive Ability
Akeron's Skorpion    1 :  +12 Offensive Ability

   2 : +24% Poison Damage
        +15 Physique

   3 : +18 Offensive Ability

   4 : +15% Acid Damage
        +30% Poison Damage

   5 : Scorping Sting Skill (Attach to Reaping Strike)
Red Crossroad    1 : +5% Health 
Jackal    1 : +6% Energy
        +3% Health

   2 : +12 Offensive Ability
        +6% Total Speed

   3 : +15% Damage
        +5% Attack Speed 
Manticore    1 :  +15 Offensive Ability

   2 : +50% Acid Damage
        +50% Poison Damage
        +60% Poison Damage

   3 : +4% Health
        +5% Health

   4 : +20 Offensive Ability
        +25% Poison Resistance
        +3% Offensive Ability

   5 : 40 Poison Damage over 5 Seconds
        +40% Acid Damage
        +40% Poison Damage with +30% Increased Duration

  6 : Acid Spray Skill (Attach to Necrotic Edge)
Empty Throne    1 : +15% Reduced Stun Duration

   2 : +8% Pierce Resistance
        +8% Pierce Resistance

   3 : +8% Chais Resistance
        +8% Chaos Resistance

   4 : +8% Aether Resistance
        +8% Aether Resistance
Chariot of the Dead    1 : +20 Physique
        +20 Cunning

   2 : +15 Offensive Ability

   3 : +25 Cunning
        +100 Health

   4 : +16% Vitality Resistance

   5 : +25 Offensive Ability

   6 : +15 Offensive Ability
        +4% Offensive Ability

   7 : Wayward Soul Skill (Attach to Veil of Shadows)
Undo Red Crossroad - - - - - 
Oklaine's Lantern    1 : +15% Energy Regeneration

   2 : +25 Offensive Ability
        +20 Defensive Ability

   3 : +5% Critical Damage
        +15 Offensive Ability

   4 : +50% to all Damage
        +25% Reduced Entrapment Duration

   5 : +2 Energy Regeneration per Second
        +5% Attack Speed
        +5% Casting Speed
Undo Green Crossroad - - - - - 
Blue Crossroad    1 : +18 Defensive Ability 
Lizard    1 : +6 Health Regeneration per Second
        +15% Constitution

   2 : +50 Health
        +10 Health Regeneration per Second
        +3% Movement Speed

   3 : +50 Health
        +25% Health Regeneration
        +15% Constitution 
Undo Blue Crossroad - - - - - 
Behemoth      1 : +10 Health Regeneration per Second

   2 : +300 Health
        +5% Health

   3 : Giant's Blood Skill (Attach to Spectral Bindings)

   4 : +10% Health Regeneration
        +20% Health Regeneration

   5 : +4% Health

   6 : +15 Health Regeneration per second
        +25% Constitution
Hawk    1 : +15 Offensive Ability

   2 : +8% Critical Damage
        +4% Critical Damage

   3 : +3% Offensive Ability
        -10% Cunning Requirement for Ranged Weapons
        +2% Offensive Ability 
Red Crossroad     1 :  +5% Health
Abomination (6pt)     1 : +80% Chaos Damage
        +80% Poison Damage

   2 : +80% Acid Damage
        +80% Vitality Damage

   3 : +40 Offensive Ability
        +20% Poison Resistance
        +3% Maximum Poison Resistance

   4 : +80% Poison Damage
        +150 Health
        +20 Offensive Ability

   5 : 12 Acid Damage
        +100% Acid Damage
        +100% Poison Damage

   6 : Tainted Eruption Skill (Attach to Bone Harvest)
Affliction (6pt)     1 : +40% Vitality Damage
        +40% Poison Damage

   2 : 18 Vitality Damage over 3 Seconds
        +20 Spirit
        300 Vitality Decay Retaliation over 3 Seconds

   3 : Fetid Pool Skill (Attach to Envenomed Weapons)

   4 : +50% Vitality Decay with +30% Increased Dration
        +18 Offensive Ability
        +18 Defensive Ability

   5 : 8-15 Vitality Damage
        +10% Poison Resistance

   6 : +50% Acid Damage
        +50% Vitality Damage
        +3% Offensive Ability