Demolitionist + Occultist


Great chaos damaging ranged type character. This is a damaged focused character staying at a distance from the battlefield. Focusing mainly on chaos and fire damage.
For the equipment, health, armor rating and chaos damage are the stats that will help the build the most.
For the jewelry, chaos damage, attack speed, anything that will increase your damage output.
Since this is a ranged 2-hand build, meaning we lose the off-hand stats. Finding a good weapon that does chaos (or fire) to maximize your damage.
Skills can be allocated anywhere in any amount, the skills chosen in the build and amount are intended for max level,basically, work with what works for you while leveling.

Helm Mythical Mask of the Harbinger*  
Component Titan Plating*
Augment Outcast Warding Powder
Shoulders Mythical Infernal Knight's Pauldrons  
Component Sacred Plating*
Augment Malmouth Soulguard Powder
Chest Mythical Infernal Knight's Jacket This build focused on chaos and fire damage to decimate hordes of enemies. Both the Harbinger set and Infernal Champion set help increase the offensive abilities we have.
Component Chains of Oleron*  
Augment Outcast's Warding Powder    
Gloves Mythical Harbinger Grasp The glove option increases our chaos damage and attack speed. Reducing the cunning requirement for ranged weapons and giving and addon to Doom Bolt, one of our main damage skills.
Component Spellscorched Plating*    
Augment Malmouth Soulguard Powder    
Pants Stonehide Solael-Sect Legguards of Kings To cap our resistances we'll need some rare pants with good prefix's and suffix's. Something like these ones. Anything that increases resistances works.
Component Spellscorched Plating*    
Augment Kingsguard Powder    
Boots Mythical Golemborn Greaves   Great boots that offer high armor and resistances. Nothing fancy but works.
Component Mark of Mogdrogen*    
Augment Malmouth Soulguard Powder    
Amulet Darkblaze Source Consequence of focusing on chaos is that we'll take up some vitality damage that we don't use. Increasing chaos and converting some of that vitality to fire makes this necklace indispensable.
Component Tainted Heart*    
Augment Witch's Black Flame     
Ring #1 Mythical Entropic Coil Ring option that makes the most sense, fire and chaos damage alike.
Component Corpse Dust  
Augment Witch's Black Flame    
Ring #2 Mythical Entropic Coil Ring option that makes the most sense, fire and chaos damage alike.
Component Corpse Dust  
Augment Witch's Black Flame    
Belt Mythical Ulzuin's Torment Best inslot belt for offensive power. Increasing fire damange and all of our demolitionist skills.
Component Spellscorched Plating*  
Augment Outcast's Skyguard Powder  
Medal Mythical Blood Sigil of Ch'thon No other medal can compare to this one. The increase to fire and chaos damage and a nice bost, but not the main reason we take this one. The 70% conversion to our fire strike makes this medal indisposable. Especially in a build where chaos is our main source of damage.
Component Black Tallow  
Relic Korvaak's Deception*   Without repeating, fire, chaos, demolitionist skills.
Weapon Mythical Harbinger of Eternal Suffering Part of the Harbinger set. Huge increase to chaos damage and attack speed. No other weapon can replace this, especially while using the set.
Component Seal of the Void*  
Augment Potent Coven's Terror  
  * = Crafted Item      

All items are displayed with average stats. Items found in the world may vary slightly.


The items above are set with average stats, which gives these resistances as a result. Your results may vary slightly.
The damage type you need to watch for in Ultimate difficulty is Stun. Not many normal enemies do Stun attacks, that will mostly be bosses you'll need to be careful with. The other resistances are maxed, (80%), or above.

Skills & Attributes

Skill representation is displayed at level 100 (max). Seeing as they can be re-allocated it doesn't matter in what order you chose your skills.
The attributes points can be assigned at your discretion. It is recommended not to go over the max allocated attribute type, but if you do, there is a potion that can be found that will reset attribute stats.

Physique :    80
Cunning :    25
Spirit :    0


Demolitionist Skills

Fire Strike : Left-click skill. Turns all your attacks into fire attacks.

Flame Touch : Toggle skill. Adds fire damage to all your attacks.

Blackwater Cocktail : Right-click skill. Fire bomb causing burn damage over an area.

Explosive Strike : Addon skill to Fire Strike. Increase weapon damage and burn damage.

Vindictive Flame : Toggle skill. Adds more fire damage, health regeneration, and total speed.

Searing Might : Addon skill to Fire Strike. Increase damage and critical damage.

Temper : Addon skill to Flame Touch. Only one point since it dosen't add chaos damage which is what where looking for.

Demon Fire : Addon skill to Blackwater Cocktail. Adds good chaos damage and more burn damage.

Ulzuin's Wrath : Addon skill to Vindictive Flame. Adds more fire damage and knockdown chances.

Static Strike : Addon skill to Fire Strike. Adds more fire damage and some knockdown chances.

Blast Shield : Passive skill, activates on low health. Absorb a bunch of damage amd increase some resistances.

Agonizing Flames : Addon skill to Blackwater Cocktail. Adds both chaos and fire damage.

Brimstone : Addon skill to Fire Strike. Adds chaos damage and fragment shots.


Occultist Skills

Curse of Frailty : Activation skill. Reduce enemy movement speed and some resistances.

Solael's Witchfire : Toggle skill. Adds some chaos damage and attack speed.

Vulnerability : Addon skill to Curse of Frailty. Further reduces some enemies resistances

Blood of Dreeg : Activation skill. Secondary health potion, restores health and increase health regeneration.

Second Rite : Addon skill to Solael's Witchfire. Adds more chaos damage and some resistance.

Aspect of the Guardian : Addon skill to Blood of Dreeg. Adds some resistances, some damage too but not our main focuse.

Doom Bolt : Activation skill. Strongest chaos damaging skill we can get.

Possession : Toggle skill. Massive increase to chaos damage.

Consecrated Blade : Worth mentioning. You can take 3 points from Curse of Frailty and place them in Consecrated Blade to convert some physical damage to chaos.

*Skills are not shown with gear bonuses*


Green Crossroad   1 : +18 Offensive Ability
Scholar's Light   1 : +15% Fire Damage

  2 : +15 Physique
       +15 Defensive Ability
       +8% Elemental Resistance

  3 : 6 Elemental Damage
      +24% Elemental Damage
      +2.5 Energy Regeneration per Second
Blue Crossroad   1 :  +18 Defensive Ability
Lizard   1 : +6 Health Regeneration per second
       +15% Constitution

  2 : +50 Health
       +10 Health Regeneration per second
       +3% Movement Speed

  3 : +50 Health
       +25% Health Regeneration
       +15% Constitution
Kraken   1 : +50% to all Damage

  2 : +180 Health
       +10% Attack Speed

  3 : +180 Health
       +10% Attack Speed

  4 : +70% to all Damage
       +5% Movement Speed

  5 : +50% to all Damage
       +15% Critical Damage
Undo Blue Crossroad  - - - - -
Fiend   1 : +15% Fire Damage
       +15% Chaos Damage

  2 : +15 Spirit
       +25% Fire Damage

  3 : +8% Chaos Resistance

  4 : +24% Fire Damage
       +24% Chaos Damage
       +40% Fire Damage

  5 : Flame Torrent Skill (Attach to Curse of Frailty)
Behemoth   1 : +10 Health Regeneration per Second

  2 : +300 Health
       +5% Health

  3 : Giant's Blood Skill (Attach to Solael's Witchfire)
Wretch   1 : +15% Acid Damage
       +15% Chaos Damage

  2 : +15 Physique
       +12% Bleeding Resistance

  3 : +80 Health
       +15 Defensive Ability
       24 Chaos Retaliation

  4 : 5 Acid Damage
       1 - 9 Chaos Damage
       +24% Acid Damage
       +24% Chaos Damage
Solael's Witchblade   1 : +40% Chaos Damage

  2 : +15 Physique
       +15 Spirit
       +10 Offensive Ability

  3 : +30% Fire Damage
       +30% Chaos Damage
       +10 Defensive Ability

  4 : +50% Fire Damage
       +50% Chaos Damage
       +15% Fire Resistance

  5 : Eldritch Fire Skill (Attach to Blackwater Cocktail)
Quill   1 : +15% Elemental Damage

  2 : +8% Aether Resistance

  3 : +60 Health
       +3% Energy

  4 : 6 Elemental Damage
       +24% Elemental Damage
       +2% Defensive Ability
Hydra   1 :  +15 Offensive Ability

  2 : 4 Elemental Damage
       +25% to all Damage

  3 : 5 Elemental Damage
       +50% to all Damage

  4 : +40% Pierce Damage

  5 : +30 Offensive Ability

  6 : 8 Piercing Damage
       +4% Offensive Ability
       +20% Slow Resistance
Ulzuin's Torch (6pt)   1 : +80% Fire Damage
       +20 Offensive Ability

  2 : +5% Offensive Ability
       +15% Chaos Resistance

  3 : +10% Critical Damage
       +5% Movement Speed

  4 : +100% Fire Damage
       +20% Fire Resistance

  5 : +100% Burn Damage with +100% Increased Duration

  6 : Meteor Shower Skill (Attach to Fire Strike)
Eel   1 : +12 Defensive Ability
       +2% Chance to Avoid Melee Attacks

  2 : +15 Defensive Ability
       +2% Chance to Avoid Projectiles

  3 : +20 Defensive Ability
       +6% Movement Speed
       +10% Pierce Resistance
Dying God   1 : +80% Vitality Damage
       +20 Offensive Ability

  2 : +80% Chaos Damage
       +20 Offensive Ability

  3 : +35 Spirit
       +3% Offensive Ability
       +30% to all Damage
       +5% Attack Speed

  4 : +45 Offensive Ability
       +25 Defensive Ability
       +15% Chaos Resistance

  5 : +100% Vitality Damage
       +100% Chaos Damage

  6 : 5 - 24 Chaos Damage
       +60% to all Damage
       +10% Critical Damage