Shaman + Soldier


A lightning warrior focusing on delivery massive blows of lightning every hit. Ultos reincarnated.
For the equipment, health, armor and resistances will help this build the most.
For the jewelry, lightning damage, attack speed, anything that will increase your damage output.
Since this is a 2 hand build, we won't be able to use an off hand for extra stats, so when looking for a weapon, it's important what it takes advantage of our damage type.
Skills can be allocated anywhere in any amount, the skills chosen in the build and amount are intended for max level,basically, work with what works for you while leveling.

Helm Mythical Ultos' Hood*
Component Prismatic Diamond*
Augment Kymon's Blessing
Shoulders Mythical Ultos' Spaulders
Component Living Armor*
Augment Demonbane Armor
Chest Mythical Ultos' Cuirass With this build, we'll use the Ultos' Tempest set for the amazing lightning damages that it produces. Ideally the build will only use 4 pierces of set, although if you prefer, the ultos weapon can be used instead.
Component Titan Plating*  
Augment Kymon's Blessing  
Gloves Mythical Thundertouch Bracers The only glove option we have that helps with our lightning damage and physical damage simultaniously.
Component Upgenbog Leather*  
Augment Demonbane Powder  
Pants Mythical Stormcage Legguards These pants offer great armor and offensive stats, the only choice when focusing on your attack power.
Component Ancient Armor Plate  
Augment Coven Warding Powder  
Boots Mythical Golemborn Greaves We've focused on offensive properties, for the boots, they offer good survivability and will allow you to stay in the fight longer.
Component Mark of Mogdrogen*  
Augment Demonbane Powder  
Amulet Mythical Ultos' Gem Part of our Ultos' set, offering great lightning damage, and on top of that, converting 10% of our physical damage to more lightning.
Component Attuned Lodestone  
Augment Skyshard Powder  
Ring #1 Incorruptible Gollus' Ring of the Hurricane We chose rare rings with resistance stats and lightning damage. The Gollus' ring will also give us a nice boost to our health and health regeneration.
Component Corpse Dust  
Augment Skyshard Powder  
Ring #2 Incorruptible Gollus' Ring of the Hurricane We chose rare rings with resistance stats and lightning damage. The Gollus' ring will also give us a nice boost to our health and health regeneration.
Component Corpse Dust  
Augment Skyshard Powder  
Belt Mythical Tinker's Ingenuity Rounding off the armor, we need to cap our resistances and gaining more health is a nice bonus.
Component Updenbog Leather*  
Augment Kymon's Blessing  
Medal Badge of Mastery A basic medal, the main advantage is the flat damage increase and +5 skill points to any skill. When looking for this medal, its ideal that the 5 points be distributed to any skill that you have. This includes: War Cry, Wendigo Totem and Primal Strike.
Component Attuned Lodestone  
Relic Eye of the Storm* Obvious relic, flat lightning damage increase and +1 to all our Shaman skills.
Weapon Mythical Stormreaver This weapon was chosen over Ultos' Stormseeker because it has slightly more lightning damage, but also for the +2 to all Shaman skills, which puts it ahead of the Ultos' weapon.
Component Seal of Skies*  
Augment Potent Malmouth's Will  
Offhand - - -      
Component - - -    
Augment - - -    
  * = Crafted Item      

All items are displayed with average stats. Items found in the world may vary slightly.


The items above are set with average stats, which gives these resistances as a result. Your results may vary slightly.
The damage type you need to watch for in Ultimate difficulty is Stun. Not many normal enemies do Stun attacks, that will mostly be bosses you'll need to be careful with. The other resistances are maxed, (80%), or above.

Skills & Attributes

Skill representation is displayed at level 100 (max). Seeing as they can be re-allocated it doesn't matter in what order you chose your skills.
The attributes points can be assigned at your discretion. It is recommended not to go over the max allocated attribute type, but if you do, there is a potion that can be found that will reset attribute stats.

Physique :    100
Cunning :    0
Spirit :    5


Shaman Skills

Brute Force : Passive skill, always active. Increase lightning and physical damage.

Primal Strike : Left-click skill. Increase weapon damage and adds lightning damage to every hit.

Mogdrogen's Pact : Toggle skill, always active. Increase physical damage, health and energy regeneration.

Thunderous Strike : Addon skill to Primal Strike. Reduces weapon damage and makes every hit apply Primal Strike.

Torrent : Addon skill to Primal Strike. Adds chain lightning, increasing lightning damage and weapon damage.

Heart of the Wild : Addon skill to Mogdrogen's Pact. Increase health and bleeding / poison duraton.

Wendigo Totem : Skill lasts 12 seconds, does vitality damage and heals you while you're within it's radius.

Storm Surge : Addon skill to Primal Strike. Adds lightning damage and physical damage.

Oak Skin : Addon skill to Mogdrogen's Pact. Increase armor, health regeneration and adds retaliation damage.

Stormcaller's Pact : Toggle skill, always active. Increase lightning damage, critical damage, and converts 15% physical damage to lightning.


Soldier Skills

Fighting Spirit : Passive skill, chance of activating when taking damage, increases your damage output.

Menhir's Will : Passive skill, activates on low health. Restores health and increase health regeneration.

Military Conditioning : Passive skill, always active. Increases your health and physique.

Veterancy : Passive skill, always on. Increase health regeneration, constitution and reduce physique requirement.

War Cry : Right-click skill, reduce enemy health and reduce enemies damage for a few seconds.

Field Command : Toggle skill, always on. Greatly increase armor, also increases offensive / defensive ability.

Squad Tactics : Passive skill for Field Command, increases your damage and attack speed.

Scars of Battle : Increases resistances and survivability.

*Skills are not shown with gear bonuses*


Blue Crossroad    1 :  +18 Defensive Ability
Eel    1 : +12 Defensive Ability
        +2% Chance to Avoid Melee Attacks

   2 : +15 Defensive Ability
        +2% Chance to Avoid Projectiles

   3 : +20 Defensive Ability
        +6% Movement Speed
        +10% Pierce Resistance
Undo Blue Crossroad - - - - - 
Purple Crossroad    1 :  +18 Offensive Ability
Empty Throne  
  1 :  +15% Reduced Stun Duration

  2 : +8% Pierce Resistance
       +8% Pierce Resistance

  3 : +8% Chaos Resistance
       +8% Chaos Resistance

  4 : +8% Aether Resistance
       +8% Aether Resistance
Undo Purple Crossroad - - - - - 
Tempest    1 : +40% Lightning Damage

   2 : 1 - 24 Lightning Damage
        +20 Physique

   3 : +50% Lightning Damage
        +50% Electrocute Damage

   4 : +20 Offensive Ability
        +25% Lightning Resistance

   5 : 30% Chance of +200% Lightning Damage
       +3% Movement Speed

   6 : +50% Electrocute Damage with +30% Increased Duration
        +20 Offensive Ability

   7 : Reckless Tempest Skill (Attach to Wendigo Totem)
Hawk    1 : +15 Offensive Ability

   2 : +8% Critical Damage
        +4% Critical Damage

   3 : +3% Offensive Ability
        -10% Cunning Requirement for Ranged Weapons
        +2% Offensive Ability
Green Crossroad    1 : +18 Offensive Ability
Kraken    1 : +50% to All Damage

   2 : +180 Health
        +10% Attack Speed

   3 : +180 Health
        +10% Attack Speed

   4 : +70% to All Damage
        +5% Movement Speed

   5 : +50% to All Damage
        +15% Critical Damage
Falcon    1 : +15% Physical Damage

   2 : +35 Health
       +8 Offensive Ability

   3 : +20 Cunning

   4 : +24% Physical Damage
        +24% Bleeding Damage

   5 : Falcon Swoop Skill (Attach to War Cry
Undo Green Crossroad - - - - - 
Red Crossroad    1 : +5% Health 
Behemoth    1 : +10 Health Regeneration per Second

   2 : +300 Health
        +5% Health

   3 : +15 Health Regeneration per Second
        +25% Constitution

   4 : +4% Health

   5 : +10% Health Regeneration
        +20% Health Regeneration

   6 : Giant's Blood Skill (Attach to Mogdrogen's Pact
Viper    1 : +15 Cunning
        +15 Spirit

   2 : 15% Chance to 36 Energy Leech over 2 Seconds
        +10% Energy Absorbed from Enemy Spells

   3 : +10% Vitality Resistance

   4 : 20% Reduced target's Elemental Resistance for 3 Seconds
        +3% Offensive Ability
Ultos',Sheperd of Storms (5pt)    1 : +80% Cold Damage
        +25 Offensive Ability

   2 : +80% Lightning Damage
        +25 Offensive Ability

   3 : +5% Critical Damage
        +120% Frostburn Damage
        +120% Electrocute Damage
        +20 Offensive Ability

   4 : 3 - 20 Lightning Damage
        +100% Cold Damage
        +100% Lightning Damage

   5 : Hand of Ultos (Attach to Primal Strike)
Lizard     1 : +6 Health Regeneration per Seconds
        +15% Constitution

   2 : +50 Health
        +10 Health Regeneration per Second
        +3% Movement Speed

   3 : +50 Health
        +25% Increased Health Regeneration
        +15% Constitution
Hound     1 : +15 Physique
        +4% Health

   2 : +2% Increased Armor
        30 Piercing Retaliation
        +20% to all Retaliation Damage

   3 : +20 Physique
        +3% Increased Armor
        +30% to all Retaliation Damage
        +30% to all Retaliation Damage
Spear of the Heavens     1 : +80% Lightning Damage
        +20 Offensive Ability

   2 : +80% Aether Damage
        +20 Offensive Ability

   3 : +5% Offensive Ability
        +15% Aether Resistance

   4 : +10% Critical Damage
        +20% Lightning Resistance

   5 : +100% Lightning Damage
        +100% Aether Damage
        +3% Maximum Lightning Resistance

   6 : Spear of the Heavens (Attach to Stormcaller's Pact)