Demolitionist + Inquisitor


Great fire damaging ranger type character. Great damage output with good survivability let's you do the most damaging while taking the most hits.
For the equipment, health, armor and fire damage are the stats that will help the build the most.
For the jewelry, fire damage, attack speed, anything that will increase your damage output.
Since we use a 2-hand weapon we only need to worry about one weapon. When looking for a weapon, fire damage is the only option we have and want.
Skills can be allocated anywhere in any amount, the skills chosen in the build and amount are intended for max level,basically, work with what works for you while leveling.

Helm Mythical Ulzuin's Headguard*
Component Titan Plating*
Augment Malmouth Woundspear Powder
Shoulders Mythical Ulzuin's Shoulderguards
Component Silk Swatch*
Augment Wendigo Bloodscent Powder
Chest Mythical Ulzuin's Chestguard With this build, we'll use the Ulzuin's Infernal Avatar set for the great Fire damage that it produces. As well as ofr the demolotionist skill increase.
Component Titan Plating*  
Augment Wendigo Soulscent Powder  
Gloves Mythical Gauntlets of Ignaffar   For the gloves, what's most important is the fire damage. What makes these gloves unique is the conversion of 25% of our pierce damage to more fire damage.
Component Restless Remains*  
Augment Malmouth Woundspear Powder  
Pants Mythical Runeplates of Ignaffar Following our gloves, we'll take the same category of item, adding even more fire damage. 
Component Silk Swatch*  
Augment Wendigo Soulscent Powder  
Boots Mythical Golemborn Greaves These boots really add some of the defense that we have been missing out with some of the the other gear that we chose. The extra health and pierce resistance make it worth it. 
Component Mark of Mogdrogen*  
Augment Outcast's Warding Powder  
Amulet Mythical Heart of Ulzuin Part of our Ulzuin's set, all the fire damage is self explanatory.
Component Tainted Heart*  
Augment Witch's Black Flame  
Ring #1 Incorruptible Gollus' Ring of Destruction Needing to cap our resistances, and get some extra health, Gollus' rings are the way to go and with the suffix "of Destruction" adding more fire damage we don't lose any offensive power.
Component Corpse Dust  
Augment Witch's Black Flame  
Ring #2 Incorruptible Gollus' Ring of Destruction  
Component Corpse Dust  
Augment Witch's Black Flame  
Belt Mythical Ulzuin's Torment The lack of armor on the belt, the offensive power makes up for it, adding fire damage and an increase to all skill in the demolitionist.
Component Ugdenbog Leather*  
Augment Malmouth Woundspear Powder  
Medal Mythical Mark of Divinity To cap our elemental resistance we need the Mark of Divinity, offering great resistance. As a bonus we get a bunch of extra health. 
Component Tainted Heart*  
Relic Ignaffar's Combustion* The best relic that gives us the most fire damage is the Ignaffar's Combustion, offering 120% fire increase (seen as elemental). 
Weapon The Desolator The first option for the weapon, offering great fire damage, increase to all demolitionist skills, and a very nice attack speed increase.
Component Seal of Destruction*  
Augment Potent Malmouth's Heart  
Alt Weapon Ulzuin's Flamespreader The second option for the weapon, again great fire damage, great conversion of physical damage to fire damage, the difference between the two, Ulzuin's does not offer the increase to all demolitionist skills which may be irreplacable. Having Ulzuin's Flamespreader gives us the 5 set piece bonus. Users choice of which they prefer. 
Component Seal of Destruction*  
Augment Potent Malmouth's Heart  
Offhand - - - - -      
Component - - -    
Augment - - -    
  * = Crafted Item      

All items are displayed with average stats. Items found in the world may vary slightly.


The items above are set with average stats, which gives these resistances as a result. Your results may vary slightly.
The damage type you need to watch for in Ultimate difficulty is Stun. Not many normal enemies do Stun attacks, that will mostly be bosses you'll need to be careful with. The other resistances are maxed, (80%), or above.

Skills & Attributes

Skill representation is displayed at level 100 (max). Seeing as they can be re-allocated it doesn't matter in what order you chose your skills.
The attributes points can be assigned at your discretion. It is recommended not to go over the max allocated attribute type, but if you do, there is a potion that can be found that will reset attribute stats.

Physique :    85
Cunning :    20
Spirit :    0


Demolitionist Skills

Fire Strike : Left-click skill. Turns all your attacks into fire attacks.

Flame Touch : Toggle skill. Adds fire damage to all your attacks.

Explosive Strike : Addon skill to Fire Strike. Add more weapon damage and burn damage.

Vindictive Flame : Toggle skill. Adds more fire damage, health regeneration, and total speed.

Searing Might : Addon skill to Fire Strike. Changes damage modifier and critical damage.

Temper : Addon skill to Flame Touch. Only one point since it dosen't add fire damage, instead we get armor.

Canister Bomb : Right-click skill. Fragment fire bomb that does alot of burn damage.

Ulzuin's Wrath : Addon skill to Vindictive Flame. Adds more fire damage and knockdown chances.

Static Strike : Addon skill to Fire Strike. Adds more fire damage and some knockdown chances.

Concussive Bomb : Addon skill to Concussive Bomb. 100% chance to stun everyone hit.

Mortar Trap : Turret that shoots fire mortars to enemies nearby.

Blast Shield : Passive skill, activates on low health. Absorb a bunch of damage amd increase some resistances.

Heavy Ordnance : Addon skill to Mortal Trap. Adds more fire damage and stun chance per hit.

Improved Casing : Addon skill to Canister Bomb. Adds more fire damage and burn damage to each bomb.

Brimstone : Addon skill to Fire Strike. Adds fragments to each shot that do more fire damage.

Ulzuin's Chosen : Passive skill that effects Concussive Blast. Converts 10% physical damage to fire.

"The Big One" : Addon skill to Mortar Trap. Adds a massive shot that does physical and fire damage.


Inquisitor Skills

Ranged Expertise : Passive skill, always active. Adds pierce and elemental damage to each attack.

Bursting Rounds : Passive skill, activates off default attacks. Chance to activate that shoots a big fire round.

Deadly Aim : Passive skill, activates off critical hits. Increase your damage for 5 seconds after a critical hit.

Storm Spread : Passive skill, activates off default attacks. Chance to activate that shoots lightning projectiles.

Aura of Censure : Toggle skill. Adds a fire aura around you that reduces enemy resistances to fire.

*Skills are not shown with gear bonuses*


Green Crossroad    1 :  +18 Offensive Ability
Scholar's Light    1 : +15% Fire Damage

   2 : +15 Physique
        +15 Defensive Ability
        +8% Elemental Resistance

   3 : 6 Elemental Damage
        +24% Elemental Damage
        +2.5 Energy Regeneration per Second 
Blue Crossroad    1 : +18 Defensive Ability 
Lizard    1 : +6 Health Regeneration per Second

   2 : +50 Health
        +10 Health Regeneration per Second
        +3% Movement Speed

   3 : +50 Health
        +25% Health Regeneration
        +15% Constitution 
Kraken    1 : +50% to All Damage

   2 : +180 Health
        +10% Attack Speed

   3 : +180 Health
        +10% Attack Speed

   4 : +70% to All Damage
        +5% Movement Speed

   5 : +50% to All Damage
        +15% Critical Damage 
Imp    1 : +15% Fire Damage
        +15% Aether Damage

   2 : +15 Spirit
        +10 Defensive Ability

   3 : +15 Physique
        +8% Aether Resistance

   4 : +24% Fire Damage
        +24% Aether Damage

   5 : Aetherfire Skill (Attach to Bursting Rounds
Undo Lizard - - - - - 
Undo Blue Crossroad - - - - - 
Purple Crossroad    1 : +18 Offensive Ability 
Empty Throne    1 :  +15% Reduction Stun Duration

   2 : +8% Pierce Resistance
        +8% Pierce Resistance

   3 : +8% Chaos Resistance
        +8% Chaos Resistance

   4 : +8% Aether Resistance
        +8% Aether Resistance
Undo Purple Crossroad - - - - - 
Rhowan's Crown (1pt)    1 :  6 - 9 Elemental Damage
        +30% Elemental Damage
Yellow Crossroad    1 :  +5% Health
Dryad    1 :  +15 Physique
         +200 Energy
         +10% Poison Resistance

   2 : +80 Health
        +1 Energy Regeneration per Second

   3 : +20% Reduction in Bleeding Duration
        +20% Reduction in Poison Duration

   4 : +5% Spirit
        -10% Spirit Requirement for Jewelry
        -10% Spirit Requirement for All Weapons

   5 : Dryad's Blessing Skill (Attach to Storm Spread)
Undo Yellow Crossroad - - - - - 
Alladrah's Pheonix    1 :  +40% Aether Damage
         +40% Elemental Damage

   2 : +150 Health
        +12% Chaos Resistance
        +100 Fire Retaliation

   3 : +30% Aether Damage
        +30% Elemental Damage
        +20% Health Regeneration

   4 : +5% Critical Damage
        +50% Fire Damage
        +100% Burn Damage

   5 : Pheonix Fire Skill (Attach to Canister Bomb)
Magi     1 : +40% Fire Damage
        +50% Burn Damage

   2 : +10 Defensive Ability
        +8% Elemental Resistance

   3 : +10 Defensive Ability
        +25% Fire Resistance

   4 : 6 - 8 Fire Damage
        +40% Fire Damage

   5 : +100% Burn Damage
        +15 Physique
        +5% Casting Speed

   6 : 36 Burn Damage over 3 Seconds
        +50% Burn Damage with +30% Increased Duration

   7 : Fissure Skill (Attach to Mortar Trap)
Undo Green Crossroad  - - - - - 
Red Crossroad     1 :  +5% Health
Hydra     1 : +15 Offensive Ability

   2 : 4 Elemental Damage
        +25% to All Damage

   3 : +30 Offensive Ability

   4 : 8 Piercing Damage
        +4% Offensive Ability
        +20% Slow Resistance

   5 : +40% Pierce Damage

   6 : 5 Elemental Damage
        +50% to All Damage
Behemoth (3pt)    1 : +10 Health Regeneration per Second

   2 : +300 Health
        +5% Health

   3 : Giant's Blood Skill (Attach to Flame Touch
Jackal     1 : +6% Energy
        +3% Health

   2 : +12 Offensive Ability
        +6% Total Speed

   3 : +15% to All Damage
        +5% Attack Speed
Ulzuin's Torch     1 :  +80% Fire Damage
         +20 Offensive Ability

   2 : +5% Offensive Ability
        +15% Chaos Resistance

   3 : +10% Critical Damage
        +5% Movement Speed

   4 : +100% Fire Damage
        +20% Fire Resistance

   5 : 75 Burn Damage over 3 Seconds
        +100% Burn Damage
        +3% Maximum Fire Resistance

   6 : +100% Burn Damage with +100% Increased Duration

   7 : Meteor Shower Skill (Attach to Fire Strike)