Nightblade + Soldier


Great pierce damaging assassin type character. This is a damaged focused character while still keeping some defenses, althougth some running around may be necessary at times.
For the equipment, health, armor and pierce damage are the stats that will help the build the most.
For the jewelry, pierce damage, attack speed, anything that will increase your damage output.
Since this is a dual-wield build, both our weapons are pierce concentrated, more pierce the better damage we'll be able to do.
Skills can be allocated anywhere in any amount, the skills chosen in the build and amount are intended for max level,basically, work with what works for you while leveling.

Helm Belgothian's Mask*  
Component Titan Plating*
Augment Mankind's Vigil
Shoulders Belgothian's Shoulderguards
Component Sacred Plating*
Augment Mankind's Vigil
Chest Belgothian's Armor With this build, we'll use the Belgothian set for the great Pierce and Physical damages that it produces. As well as for the really good set bonus of building up power over charges and unleashing them against stronger enemies/heros/bosses.
Component Sanctified Bones*  
Augment Mankind's Vigil  
Gloves Mythical Light's Defender Gauntlets For the gloves, we want something with a high base armor rating and some resistances. These gloves provide 30% Poison and Bleeding resistance. Alternate items may work with the build, tho augments and components would need to be shifted around.
Component Enchanted Earth*  
Augment Demonbane Powder  
Pants Really Great Pants The pants option is rather limited, the most helpful ones were pants with a high armor rating and overall survivability.
Component Ancient Armor Plate  
Augment Demonbane Powder  
Boots Mythical Windshear Greaves Since we've taken some other gear with high armor, we can afford to take a boot option with some offensive properties. Since our build focuses on Pierce and Physical this makes it a perfect fit. 
Component Mark of Mogdrogen*  
Augment Mankind's Vigil  
Amulet Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath The amulet option is a universal option for all builds, but what makes it useful in our build is the Critical damage offered and the increase to all skills that we have. 
Component Dread Skull  
Augment Survivor's Ingenuity  
Ring #1 Mythical Belgothian's Sigil The first ring option greatly increases our Pierce damage and all our main damage skills. 
Component Corpse Dust  
Augment Survivor's Ingenuity  
Ring #2 Bladetwister Signet The second ring option, instead of taking another Belgothian Sigil, we take this one. It still increases our Pierce and Physical damage, but more importantly, it converts 25% of our Elemental damage to Pierce, which is mroe useful to us. 
Component Corpse Dust  
Augment Hammerfall Powder  
Belt Mythical Blade Breaker Sash For the belt, the high Pierce damage and Critical damage is what's most appealing. an increase to all our Nightblade skill is a bonus. 
Component Spellscorched Plating*  
Augment Mogdrogen's Touch  
Medal Incorruptible Rylok Crest of the Dranghoul  Although there are better offensive options, we need to take a rare one for the prefix and suffix options to cap our resistances. Our chosen armor makes up for the lose of offensive abilities. 
Component Dread Skull  
Relic Belgothian's Carnage* There are not many relic options, so we chose the one that offered both Physical and Pierce damage. The bonus Nightblade skill increase is a bonus.
Weapon Belgothian's Slicer Part of our Belgothian's set. With the extreamly high Pierce and Physical damage modifiers it's our first choice for our weapon. 
Component Seal of Blades*  
Augment Coven's Guile  
Offhand Heart Piercing Dermapteran
Slicer of Piercing Darkness
Our second choice is a rare Dermapteran Slicer with Piercing prefix and suffix attachements. Although very rare, it increases our Piercing damage immensly. 
Component Seal of Blades*  
Augment Coven's Guile  
Alt Offhand Redeemer of Malmouth  An alternate choice for the weapon since the Dermapteran Slicer with the proper affixes can be rare to come by.
Component Seal of Blades*  
Augment Coven's Guile  
  * = Crafted Item      

All items are displayed with average stats. Items found in the world may vary slightly.


The items above are set with average stats, which gives these resistances as a result. Your results may vary slightly.
The damage type you need to watch for in Ultimate difficulty is Stun. Not many normal enemies do Stun attacks, that will mostly be bosses you'll need to be careful with. The other resistances are maxed, (80%), or above.

Skills & Attributes

Skill representation is displayed at level 100 (max). Seeing as they can be re-allocated it doesn't matter in what order you chose your skills.
The attributes points can be assigned at your discretion. It is recommended not to go over the max allocated attribute type, but if you do, there is a potion that can be found that will reset attribute stats.

Physique :    0
Cunning :    105
Spirit :    0


Nightblade Skills

Dual Blade : Passive skill, always active. Ability to Dual-Wield weapon. Adds piercing and cold damage.

Veil of Shadows : Toggle skill. Reduce enemy Movement speed and offensive abilities.

Belgothian's Shears : Passive skill that activates off default attacks. Extra damage and 165 degree ark attack.

Pneumatic Burst : Increase health and health regeneration and movement speed. Acts as second health potion.

Shadow Strike : Use as an evasive skill in this build as well as fast traveling.

Breath of Belgothian : Add-on to Pneumatic Burts. Increases health regeneration but increases cool down.

Phantasmal Armor : Passive Skill, always active. Added resistances and armor.

Amarasta's Quick Cut : Passive skill that actives off default attacks. Extra damage and critical damage.

Shadow Dance : Adds small chance to avoid projectiles when using Pneumatic Burst.

Night's Chill : Adds area damage to Veil of Shadows as well as reducing pierce resistance of enemies.

Blade Barrier : Create a shield of swords around to that reflects all damage and heals you.

Anatomy of Murder : Passive skill, always active. Increase damage done to humans and total Cunning.

Whirling Death : Passive skill that actives off default attacks. Extra damage at a 360 degree ark.

Elemental Awakening : Add-on to Pneumatic Burst. Adds elemental damage and resistance while active.

Execution : Passive skill activated off default attacks. Massive flat reduction in enemy health.


Soldier Skills

Markovian Advantage : Passive skill, activate off of default attacks. Reduce enemy defensive ability and increase attack.

Fighting Spirit : Passive skill, chance of activating when taking damage, increases your damage output

Military Conditioning : Passive skill, always active. Increases your health and physique.

War Cry : Good right-click attack. Reduction in enemy health reduced target damage for a couple of seconds.

Field Command : Toggle skill, increase armor and offensive ability and defensive ability.

Decorated Soldier : Passive skill, add resistances and some damage

Squad Tactics : Passive skill for Field Command, increases your damage and attack speed

Scars of Battle : Increases resistances and survivability

Oleron's Rage : Toggle skill, increases pierce damage and movement speed

*Skills are not shown with gear bonuses*


Yellow Crossroad    1 : +5% Health
Assassin's Blade   1 :  +15% Pierce Damage

  2 : +12 Offensive Ability
      +8 Defensive Ability

  3 : +15% Pierce Damage
       +15% Bleeding Damage

  4 : +30% Bleeding Damage

  5 : Assassin's Mark (Attach to Belgothian's Shears)
Undo Yellow Crossroad   - - - - - 
Empty Throne     1 :  +15% Reduced Stun Duration

  2 : +8% Pierce Resistance
       +8% Pierce Resistance

  3 : +8% Chaos Resistance
       +8% Chaos Resistance

  4 : +8% Aether Resistance
       +8% Aether Resistance
  1 : +12 Offensive Ability
       +2% Offensive Ability

  2 : +15 Cunning
       +15 Spirit
       +15% Damage

  3 : +15% Damage
       +15% Energy Regeneration
       +3% Offensive Ability

  4 : +5% Critical Damage
       +20 Offensive Ability
       +5% Critical Damage
  1 :  +40% Pierce Damage

  2 : +20 Cunning
       +60 Health

  3 : +18 Offensive Ability
       +10 Defensive Ability

  4 : +5% Cunning
       +10% Bleeding Resistance

  5 : +15% Damage to Humans
       +25 Defensive Ability
       +10% Poison Resistance

  6 : 8 Piercing Damage
      +50% Pierce Damage

  7 : Blades of Wrath Skill (Attach to Amarasta's Quick Cut)
  1 : +25 Physique
       +15% Constitution

  2 : +40% Physical Damage
       +40% Elemental Damage
       +40% Internal Trauma Damage

  3 : Arcane Barrier (Attach to Field Command)

  4 : +35 Defensive Ability
      +18% Pierce Resistance

  5 : 15 Elemental Damage
       +40% Elemental Damage
       +15% Elemental Resistance
Blades of Nadaan   1 : +2% Chance to Avoid Melee Attack
      +2% Chance to Avoid Projectiles

  2 : +40% Pierce Damage

  3 : +50% Pierce Damage

  4 : +8 Defensive Ability
       +4% Attack Speed

  5 : 10 Piercing Damage
       +100% Armor Piercing

  6 : +8 Defensive Ability
       +4% Attack Speed
Lizard   1 : +6 Health Regeneration
       +15% Constitution

  2 : +50 Health
       +10 Health Regeneration
       +3% Movement Speed

  3 : +50 Health
       +25% Health Regeneration
       +15% Constitution
Bard's Harp   1 : +200 Health
      +20% Constitution

  2 : +40% Pierce Damage
       +40% Elemental Damage
       +10% Energy Regeneration

  3 : +15% Pierce Resistance
       +10% Bleeding Resistance

  4 : +10% Energy
       +2 Energy Regeneration

  5 : +50% Pierce Damage
       +50% Elemental Damage
       +15% Elemental Resistance

  6 : Inspiration Skill (Attach to Veil of Shadows)
Blue Crossroad   1 : +18 Defensive Ability
Undo Lizard - - - - -
Scales of Ulcama   1 : +250 Health
       +300 Energy
Unknown Soldier (6pt)   1 : +80% Pierce Damage
       +15 Offensive Ability

  2 : 54 Bleeding Damage over 3 Seconds
       +80% Bleeding Damage

  3 : +280 Health
       +5% Attack Speed

  4 : +100% Pierce Damage
       +100% Bleeding Damage

  5 : +4% Health
       +40 Offensive Ability

  6 : 12 Piercing Damage
       +10% Critical Damage
Harpy   1 : +15% Pierce Damage
       +15% Cold Damage

  2 : +15 Cunning
       +1.5 Energy Regeneration

  3 : 5-10 Piercing Damage
       +24% Pierce Damage
       +24% Cold Damage

  4 : +15 Offensive Ability
       +10% Bleeding Resistance
Oleron (6pt)   1 : +30 Physique
       +30 Cunning
       +100 Health

  2 : +80% Physical Damage
       +80% Internal Trauma Damage

  3 : +30 Offensive Ability
       +20% Pierce Resistance
       +10% Bleeding Resistance

  4 : +200 Health
       +4% Physical Resistance

  5 : 9-12 Physical Damage
       +100% Physical Damage

  6 : Blind Fury Skill (Attach to Markovian Advantage)